Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Badge: Ball Breaker

Ball Breaker Badge
Game: Sproing!
Level: Hard

Requirements: Leave no green ball unpunished! Fight your way to level 30 in "normal" or "hard" mode in Sproing!

Strategy: For this you definitely need to be slow and steady to win the race, do not fling the ball around freely, as you will be hit all the time. Try and make it so that the only time you get hit are on the ball generators, such as the yellow surrounded by green.

The upgrades definitely help as well, with the armor you can bash through any circle for a limited amount of time. It doesn't go away after you get hit it goes away after a time limit so be free to crush anything you can during that time.

The bomb will essentially a-splode everything on the map except for you and the green balls, which seem to be impervious to nuclear explosions, which means you being the good human must crush them with your ball like the cockroaches they are.

The heal will heal about 5 hits from the balls.

So remember keep slow, this way you have as much control as you can so you can avoid the mass amount of balls flying around.

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