Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Online Round-Up

Here is a collaboration of games that offer online multiplayer, if I miss any then just tell me.

1. Castlewars: Just click netplay, accept the terms and join a server, play 1 vs. 1 games against other users. A very solid game to play, although the netplay is down sometimes.

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2. Kongregate Racing: Online only, this game had a massive primetime when it first came out although now the only time people are on it playing are when someone screams EVERYONE KONG RACING in chat.. =P

3. Platform Racing: Very popular and extremely competitive. This game has multiple servers although it too is online only. I love the power-ups and racing technique.

4. Click Upon Dots: Usually this game is used for a private chat between two users, the first multiplayer game on Kong its a simple yet fun game.

5. Tactics 100 Live: A wonderful game where you can build your own army and play against other users. Absolutely stunning strategy game, best part is the single player is great too.

6. Artillery Live: A great tanks game that you can play live online against others, hop right into a game and have fun. =]

7. Battle Pool: A simple speed shooting game, this game is a great play for Kong.

*. If I missed any tell me please =]


Malachi said...

There's that online snake game... but it sucks :/

Ketchupyoshi said...

Yea, Multiplayer Snake is another multiplayer game.