Friday, September 14, 2007

Challenge #26: 300 (aka This.Is.SPARTAAAAA!)

300 Challenge

Kongregans! Tonight we dine at our keyboards! For we must battle the evil forces of CPU to unlock the Cornelius card!

Tactics 100 Live v1.5 by Gamebrew

Create and upgrade an army of 100 points and send them online to battle other armies. Like chess, everyone has an equal army of 100 points, the only difference is your skill and the upgrade choices you make.

The Challenge:

300 points scored (single player) รข€“ Score 300 points in single-player mode, then either perish on the battlefield or defeat the 10th wave. (THIS.IS.SPARTAAAAAAA!!!!)

Brief Objectives Overview:

- Build your own army, whether you want a new one or keep to the balanced type.

- Strategize, to kill your enemies.

- I can't really help you if you're using a different army other than the balanced type though :/.

- Get 350 Points...and then die or something.


Super Challenge Overview!

I swear that I used the default army to do this challenge. However, it's almost impossible to track down what I did, so I can't really do much of a help except by saying a few pointers :/.

- For one, it's best to pass your first turn, for your enemies can just come and damage your flanks first.

- Have at least 1 healer! It's probably the most important character in the game with the other allies.

- Upgrades can sometimes be better than having more troops at hand. You can search the beloved Games Forum to find more strategies on how to complete the game! However, remember that it's their strategies that worked for them, and so, might not even work for you :/.

- Magicians are elite when upgraded.

- Done yet? Goooddd....

Kongratulations!You have obtained Cornelius Bla-Bla-Bla, The Suave!

Well now, we only have, like what, 6 more cards before there won't be anymore cards soon? Oh noes!


ohshitgreatness said...
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ohshitgreatness said...

I would've received the 1k points badge (where you don't lose any guys), but it froze and so I'm gonna wait for them to fix the bug. Anyway, it works - so I'll give my short strategy. It's effective to keep your guys alive, but I doubt it's good to dual with:

1. pass on your first turn
2. I went with 1 magic guy (on the high ground) with maxed out power, 1 healer with max life and high healing ability (range doesnt matter too much), and 1 soldier with max life (none in damage and shields, he's not there to do damage).
3. Your magic guy does all the damage, your healer is there to heal and you need to keep her out of fire since she can't heal herself, and the soldier is there to get in front of the healer and take damage. (Have your soldier get hit, heal the soldier, and kill them with the magician).
4. To maximise damage, zap archers, mages, or healers because they can't block (blocking reduces your total damage). If you can only hit soldiers, stay on the high ground (you should only leave there if you absolutely must, and you rarely need to) and first hit a soldier with your soldier, and then you can zap him and he won't be able to block.

Hopefully I wrote this well enough you guys can read it. It should work well enough you can finish with all your guys and it ought to definitely work well enough for the easy badge and the card.