Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Badge: Expert Dimension Hopper

Expert Dimension Hopper Badge
Game: Oroboros
Level: Hard

Requirements: Travel between worlds and score 1,000,000 points in Oroboros

Strategy: Alright now this may seem impossible at first, but you can get this badge before level 9. Just follow the things I say.

First of all the best possible thing to do is not get hit. This way you can get your multiplier up to a massive level. This can make your score pump up to extraordinary levels. One key thing is to increase points in segment cohesion, and in agility. You want this so your tail is shorter and you can move better.

The biggest worry you have are the warpers, these guys can take out your tail quick, so my recommendation is to stay away from them. Also the purple ones are very hard to see so pay attention and don't hit them either. Remember your head can only collect the white ones.

Also something people don't seem to remember is that you can change your upgrades while in the mid-game. Just hit the M key and arrange your stats as the level suits. Such as the levels with rockets, fully upgrade your armor. For levels with a lot of seekers and blade power-ups, upgrade your blades. Do all this and you should be able to get the score.. eventually

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Anonymous said...

My strategy is just to evolve agility and cohesion, and just dodge everything. With full agi/cohesion it's not actually that hard to survive. Get to level 13 or so, which is full of the white ones and nothing else, get a massive multiplier, get 1M points. Easy. Get bored, let yourself die.