Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Badge: Seeker Slicer

Seeker Slicer badge
Game: Oroboros
Level: Easy

Requirements: Pick up a "blades" power-up to turn your tail into a weapon, then use it against 5 unsuspecting seekers in Oroboros

Strategy: Alright so for this badge you do as the badge says. Although this may be trickier than it may seem. Once you get the "blades" power-up (the picture of it is the badge pic) you want to circle around seekers only, as hitting anything else will just hurt your tail.

Circle around the seekers and you should slice them. They will split in half and it'll add to your counter. The best part about this badge is that the count is overall plays. So you can get this badge over all the games you play on oroboros. So I'd focus on getting the other badge before this one, and you should eventually get this badge. Especially on the blade factory level.

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