Friday, September 7, 2007

Challenge #25: Cross-Dimensional Cloud 9

Cross-Dimension Cloud 9 Challenge

Other dimensions full of delicious creatures await the mighty Oroboros, and those who guide him can unlock the Blood Vial card.

Note: There's a few issues with the game not registering the challenge things...(Will be explained later on Brief Objectives...)

Oroboros by funface

Pilot the Oroboros (a dragon-like creature) through multiple dimensions, absorbing energy clusters along the way to unlock secret portals, and rack up amazingly high scores! Your tail will grow and evolve, giving you new abilities such as: Tail of Blades, Armored Tail, and Energy Bomb etc...

The Challenge:

The Ninth Gate – Reach the 9th dimension in Oroboros. Not the 11th dimension, luckily.

Brief Objectives Overview:

- Avoid,munch down, and stuff.

- Try to max out your shields by level 5!

- Try to max out your blades by level 8.

[Note!]- After passing dimension 8, screenshot the dimension, and wait. If you don't get the card, then send the screenshot to (or )

*Card, after 5 minutes or 6 hours.*

Super Challenge Overview!

Beware of the energy clusters that want to overturn your tail things! You EAT them, not let them be on your tail, damaging your body! >:(. You should get the retrection power-up thingy on the bottom left that lets you gather your tail.

On Level 2, they'll introduce the really irritating seekers. Oh, they're not irritating now, you'll get it later....You also get the spike upgrade, and the optional-to-take defense power-up (which will re-appear later.)!

On Level 3, the will-o-wisp's look-a-like named Seeker's comes!Irritating, but easily killed, at the expense of the other energy clusters. You'll get another Energy Bomb, with another tutorial!

On Level 4, the "REALLY Gah! WTH? OH NOES! DARN YOUUUU!!!" Warper's come. They can 1-hit kill your tail, so be careful!

On Level 5, Pew-Pew Cutters come! Got your Defense Level 3 here?Good.

On Level 6 onwards, they'll be mixed. Just keep playing and surviving. Same ol' Same ol'.


You have obtained the Blood Vial! meant...cherry?

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Dazzer said...

You don't have to worry about your evolution, as you can evolve mid round anyway by going back to the evolution page, and shifting your points around.