Sunday, September 2, 2007

Badge: General's Slaughter (made by Crazycruiser!)

Here's a guest badge guide by the almighty beta-tester for MPDTD, crazycruiser!

General's Slaughter Badge (Hard - 30 Points)

The time for a true battle has come. Complete all 50 levels in the "general" difficulty setting in Shield Defense

(Note: If you only have 3 minutes or so to read this, skip to the bottom where the Summary is)

Alright, so you came here thinking you would get help for the General’s Slaughter badge?

Well you came to the right place! I’m here to dish out some tips, suggestions and help for all you Kongregators finding this badge difficult, I know I did!

So here’s the deal, The General’s Slaughter badge is in my opinion the hardest badge on Kongregate, with a touchpad at least. What you’re going to do is quite simple :), at the main menu select New Game, then select General level(doh!).

I hope that if you are going for this badge you have already gotten the Card and Easy badge, but if not here is the basis of the game and mechanics:

You are a sole tank trying to fend off 50 waves of enemy tanks, you do so with your awesome blue “shield.” When the enemy fires bullets at you, all you have to do is something seemingly simple, just “deflect” their own bullets back at the enemy, to do so use your mouse, or touchpad to move your shield around your Tank, try to aim a little ahead of where they are so you will hit them, if you aim right at them it will most likely go just behind their tank., also account for the angle at which the bullet is coming at you, because the course of the bullet will change depending on where it comes in, you all know that right?

I’m sure you’re all physics majors anyway.

As you progress through the levels, their tanks gain Hit Points (HP) so you will have to get more Damage accordingly to try to one-hit the enemies as long as possible.

Up until around level 3-4 you only have to worry about the Green tanks, but then the developer introduces a new threat to your success, a Blue tank. The blue tanks are really nothing different than the Green tanks for a little while(you can get the EMP bonus upgrade later to make them more useful), just deflect the bullets back at them and make easy work of them.

A little later in your game a Rocket Launching tank is introduced, nothing different again, just it has even slower bullets than the blue, but the bullets do more damage to enemy tanks, but the principal is still the same just try to deflect them at enemies, the only difference is that you will have to aim farther ahead of the enemy since it is much slower than other bullets… This is kind of getting repetitive already isn’t it? Well, not for long.

Along the way, while progressing through the levels I am sure you were smart enough to buy some damage infusions, 1-2 speed bounces, some repair kits, maybe even a Sticky shield (A must have), so I won’t concern you on the details of that, I will tell you though that I always buy a damage infusion after the First level, it should last you a couple of levels.

Now onto the Red tanks, they shoot fireballs at your poor, seemingly defenseless tank, how mean! We must get them back! TO YOUR DEFLECTING STATIONS!!! Errr.... nevermind :D

The fireballs are slower than the Blue tanks ammunition, yet faster than the Rockets, and they do the most damage.

That’s all the main tanks, the Blue and Red tanks both have bosses of their own which fire 3 bullets at once instead of 1 like normal, the Rocket and Green tanks fuse their bosses together to create one Mega Boss which appears every 10 levels, stronger every time.

Level Progression:

Level 10, My First Boss Level!!!

By this point you may have been able to buy the HeatSeeker missile “Bonus Upgrade” if so, GOOD ON YA MATE! Feel good about yourself!!! :D If not, don’t worry, just kill the boss within the allotted time and you get 3 bonus points, use them to get the HeatSeeker upgrade, as it helps tremendously. The next upgrade you should get is the AntiMatter shield, the game is pretty much unbeatable without it. It negates all bullets when it is activated, to activate either click, or push spacebar. Other than that I got the EMP 14% interest, and finally I got THE EXPLODER as my final upgrade.

Level 20, 2nd boss…

You should have some good damage upgrades so far, so this boss won’t be a big problem, but he is pretty tough, just deflect, deflect, and deflect. Make sure to kill him within the allotted time (2:30) or else it will skip the level and you miss out on the gold and bonus points.

Also, a helpful hint for the bosses… always kill the smaller tanks first, then go onto killing the boss.

Level 30… Boredom sets in?

By this time some people are bored, if that happens to be the case notice the SAVE GAME button at the upgrades menu, use this button every 2-3 levels near level 30, and in the 40’s use this button every level in case you die. That way you don’t have to start over.

Level 40… Having Fun yet?!?!

By now you can consider yourself a gamer, you have made it past partial boredom and come out on top, now the adrenaline of getting this badge is starting to kick in… just one problem, with the combination of Boredom, Excitement, and Adrenaline out come the problem of Lack of Concentration, which can lead to Sneezing, Coughing, Forgetting to pause on a trip to the Fridge, Severe headaches, and even DEATH.

Now you’re in the 40’s so you will be using your antimatter shield a lot, so be careful, only hit back shots you know will have no consequences, I lost 3 times at level 45 because I would go for too much, and take severe damage, so be careful.


Me getting Pounded!!! :-P

The final level, beat this and you can rest happy, knowing you got the badge. (Don’t forget to save!!!)

There is nothing more to say, this is it, all your time compiled into 12, last tanks, your enemies final assault, they are pulling out all the stops and you feel surrounded… Be careful Captain, the enemy has numbers, and you may not make it through this battle…

If you die, keep trying till you win, that is the importance of the Save feature.

Congratulations when you beat the game, and I hope I helped you. If you did not understand something in that long, long, long thing up there ^^ then here is a summary!


After level one buy a damage upgrade, use your own judgment of when to buy, vs get more money via interest. Buy a sticky shield before level 7, buy a static shield sometime closer to level 20-30, and buy energy upgrades for it. Whenever you finish a level use the Repair upgrade for $50, and always carry some repair kits(towards level 30-40 always keep 9) DO NOT FORGET TO REPAIR YOURSELF AFTER LEVELS!!!

Try to keep sufficient damage to kill enemies in one hit as long as possible.

Bonus upgrades… (Order to buy) Heatseeker, Antimatter, EMP, The Exploder, and some interest sprinkled in whenever you feel like it.

Make sure to stock up on repair kits, upgrade your base, get the Sticky and Static shields, get the extra energy for the static shield, and do not make stupid mistakes, but in case you do… ALWAYS SAVE!!! Especially around level 30-40 and up until you finish the game.


Antimatter Shield = Spacebar

Static Shield(always on, no hotkeys)

Pause = “P”

Use Repair Kit = “R”

That’s all I know right now, will update if it needs updating!!!

~~~Bradley (aka crazycruiser)

Feel free to add me as a friend and find me while I’m in chat if you need help on any badges… I’m there for you guys!

Ps. Don't use a touchpad.


JudeMaverick said...

Longest. Guide. Evar!!!

Denis said...

Weeeell, that is very subjective.
For instance, sticky shield is not helpful to me, it's too slow.
Heatseeking isn't that needed, if you can shoot precisely and that's a matter of skill.
Anti-matter, OTOH is greatest cheat of the game. When I buy it, I feel like I am cheating, really. The game becomes unbelievably easy with it.
So, if you are going for this badge, use your common sense, because the game is well balanced.

crazycruiser said...

This is actually not very subjective because I delved into about 10 people's opinions to get at this conclusion.

Anonymous said...

I want to know how you get three bonus points before level 10, to get those Heatseekers. I just can't seem to do it.

madsencarl said...

What are the full details with the AntiMatter shield? I didn't use it because I didn't know how good it would be, but ended up beating the game anyway.

guilden said...

hardest badge on kongregate? hilarious ;O

the game is only difficult UNTIL you get the antimatter shield (after the lvl 10 boss), after that you've got no excuse for dieing, just be a turtle ;P

to beat the level 10 boss pump as much as you can into boosting your damage, buy a couple repairs, and using the special upgrade point on heatseeking missle would be a good idea too ;o