Saturday, September 1, 2007

Weekly Random Review # 4: Smileys-War

My Overall Rating: 4 stars
Good: Packed with features, goodies, and unlockables! Keeps you interested while having a nice finished overall look.
Bad: Not original at all, menu is cluttered and no pause button?!

After an alleged six months of work, Louissi has completed Smileys-War. And when you load up the game, you'll see why it took so long.

The menu is stuffed with all the features and game modes of Smileys-War. The "Arena Match" is a custom battle, with the option to choose the number of players, game mode, and place to play at. You only start with a few maps... disappointing, right? Not exactly. The next option on the menu is "Challenges". The challenges pit you against other CPUs and a battle objective such as "first to ten kills wins". When you complete a challenge, you gain a certain amount of XP. This hard-earned currency can unlock maps to play at and hats for your smiley.

In the end, there are twelve maps to play on, and around thirty hats. Yay for goodies! If you want to customize even more, there is a level editor. You have to go to another website to use it, and it is somewhat complicated, but at least we know it's there!

With all the modes and unlockables, you'll hardly get bored playing this game. But there are still a few annoyances, such as the lack of a pause button (or at least that I can find). That is a must in online games... six months and no pause? The agony... Other than that, Smileys-War is a solid shooter for all you Kong players out there ;)


Anonymous said...

yer i thought it was a gd game but i would like 2 have levels and stuff like that a bit more things 2 customize like weapons like improving rate of fire of scope and the higher the level the better u can become like maybe moving faster

Andrew said...

I like 2 talk in #'s u think?

Lazy or under 14? my vote is an eight year old.