Friday, September 21, 2007

Challenge 27: Overcoming Globophobia and Balloon Fighter Badge

Overcoming Globophobia Challenge
Balloons: They're every bit as deadly as they look. Overcome seemingly certain death at their evil, rubbery hands to unlock the Necronomic Tome card.

Bloons Tower Defense
by: Ninjakiwi
Stop any Bloons from escaping the maze by building and upgrading bloons popping towers. Throw darts, tacks, bombs and ice. Can you make it through all 50 levels?

The challenge
Defeat 30 Waves of Helium Horror
"Note this guide covers the badge as well

Balloon Fighter Badge
Defeat all 50 waves without letting a single inflated terror penetrate your defenses in Bloons Tower Defense

Alright so what you want to do is set up a army of monkeys as shown in the picture.

Alright for this start at the top left (red arrow) and go down to the bottom left (blue arrow), then go from the top right arrow to the bottom right arrow. All of these are non-upgraded monkey "towers". After the monkeys are in place simply upgrade them all to have piercing darts, don't worry about them having better range. Then after this start saving for a super monkey.

So then, you've got enough money for a super monkey, wonder where you put it.. well here (see right). Then after this just keep putting super monkeys down and placing them as seen in the last pic below. Then you'll have everything you need to get the card and badge.

after this last level you'll have beaten all 50 rounds of Bloons tower defense and acheived the badge for 30 points and another card for the card game.


Oulixes said...

Awesome guide! Bloons is really easy, but I hadn't beaten it perfectly without losing a life before.

ohshitgreatness said...

That strategy is close to what I use. The only variation I have is that instead of 4 Super Monkeys I used only one. This is because by the time I need to save to 4k I prefer the added comfort of 10 Dart Monkeys. By going with a map covered by dart monkeys you can easily and without any concern pop all the bloons without getting close to losing a life.

Kyriva said...

Thanks, great guide. You've got a lot of money after the fourth super monkey, why not spend it on some normal monkeys clustered around the super monkeys?

FRAGM3NT said...

To Kyriva, well its just not needed =P

Jim Greer said...

I think this should be called the "Typing Shakespeare" strategy because it has so many monkeys.

It works great and is very simple, nice job again Frag

"How to Kongregate" said...

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