Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Featured Game Review: Tactics 100 Live!

My Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Great looking pixel graphics, customizable, a lot of strategy involved, and of course: MULTIPLAYER!
Bad: Short one-player, and some minor annoyances.

I will have the great honor of reviewing Tactics 100, the first featured game for COCAK!

But anyway, Tactics 100 is a great online game, submitted by Gamebrew not long ago. It's been so popular, that it has been bestowed two badges, plus the challenge "300". So let's take a look, shall we?

Tactics 100 is a strategy game (hence the name "Tactics") and rather like a huge, complicated chess game. "Boo!" you say? No, this game actually turns out to be very fun! But instead of Knights and Rooks, the figures are Swordsman, Mages, Archers, and Healers.

A major aspect of the game is customization, which gives a lot of replay value to the game. You start with a default army and board, but you are encouraged to change it. Just click "Setup Your Army" and you are met with a nicely setup customization screen. You can change your team's color, characters, stats, and even the board you play on! Use this place wisely, because it is the center to your strategy.

Now let us get to the actual game, shall we? It has two modes of play, single-player, and online multiplayer. In single, you make a set army, and fight through 10 levels of team-to-team combat. This isn't too hard, if you play your cards right. So single-player is a bit too short. Too bad, stop complaining, because there is multiplayer!

In multiplayer, the game pits you against an opponent. You get a set amount of time for each move, and you see your opponent's moves in real time. You even get to chat with them! When you win, you earn points, showing how "good" you are at the game. So the game matches you with people that have around the same amount of points that you do, so it's usually fair. And don't worry, unlike many online game, this has no known bugs or exploits to ruin your game ;)

So, summing it up, this is a great game, and I'm glad it is being featured on both Kongregate and COCAK. Gamebrew has been working a lot for it too. It's been updated multiple times since the original upload only four days ago! With all the customization, strategies, multiplayer, and two badges, you'll be playing this one for awhile.

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~Malachi, reviewer

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