Monday, October 29, 2007

Badge:Ghost Breaker

Ghost Breaker badge
Game:Max Mesiria Chp2
Type:medium(15 points)

Continue your adventure in the hauted town.

First off go up

then right

and enter the church

Speak to the priest about sleeping in and click yes.

Sneak out of the church when everybody is sleeping.

head to the cemetery.

and into the shack.

Check the padlock and you will realize that its locked.Now go out.

head left

and again

go between the houses and get the key.

Now return to the shack,unlock the padlock and climb down the ladder.You will be in a cave.

Ok this is the boring part here you will have to raise your level to 10 by facing electro-balls and skulls during this process i highly recommend getting all the items in the cave and going to restore health, in the church or in another room of the cave every once in a while.A little more about the enemies.
Attacks:Lightning deals an average of 10-20

Attacks:Smash deals an average of 7-10
When broken also deals lightning

Ok when you are done and reach level 10.Follow the path that leads to the left.Now follow the red path for the quest and the blue one for the portal(save/heal).

Go up

and again

then go down after going right

try to pull the lever .You will fail

head back to the shack and search the bags.

Return to the lever and pull it once again.

Both gates will open now,so prepare for a miniboss and circle the yellow land.

For the larva:
Attacks:Beam deals an average of 30-34
Slugspit disables your chance to run away.
Hp:not sure but it`s around 600

After defeating him you should be close to leveling up so just kill more skulls.Once your level 11-12 follow this road.

The purple crack contains three groups of baddies and a boss.First three ofthe purple balls will appear easy to beat.Then a group of slighly yellow balls will pop out again it`s shouldnt be a problem.Now the third red balls will be straonger but at your level you should handle them.The boss is a robot its very strong and has powerfull attacks so keep track of your lives now im going to tell you a strategy that you will use a couple of more times in the game i will call it double/double it`s like that because first you use the boost special and then when it`s your turn again you use the double attack special which results in a powerfull attack.Now you can only do this two or three times so when your out of specials use the normal attacks, herbs and potions.When he is defeated you will be out of the cave and being thanked for by the citezens.Now got to the shops but the best armour and rapier you can and head up.

then up again

there will be a conductor speak to him and leave with the train.

Ok no more pictures now.
After a little while the train will be stoped by rocks and the old man will ask you if you are ready to get rid of the rocks you might want to save and visit the shop since there is one rock that bites back.
When ready go and face off the rock monster i suggest using the double/double strategy on him and the continue to hurt him until he is dead.Once your done go to the old man`s wife(the shopkeeper) and when you start a conversation click "Talk" instead of buy.She will ask for a favour accept and go to the portal to heal yourself then climb the nearby ladder.Go on every floor and kill all the eggs with space but be warned after every floor a bug(much like the cave larva will appear) they are easy to kill and give a lot of exerience.
After you killed all three you should be around level 14 now go to the bottom floor and you will see a gigantic larva don`t worry it looks stronger then it is just pound on it and it will eventually die, but just to be safe take a herb or use the heal spell every once in a while.Now return and "talk" to the shop keeper to get you reward of 500 money.Go to the old man and continue your trip.
When your on the train speak to the man in blue then go to the room on the right, speak to the other man in blue and go back to the left room(everybody will be gone) return to the right room and again everbody will be gone.Go right and then right again you should see a message that has 361 written on it go next to it and check it out.Proceed to the right and here is the first riddle room.
The first riddle is easy go to the dashboard and you will see some shapes.Click all of the shapes to see which one stays first then try to find out the second,third etc.
After finishing one a light will stay firm and a new one will start blinking do this for each light.
The second riddle is somehow similar, memorize which lights blinked when and thats pretty much it.
The third just enter the code 361.
The next room contains portalsjust follow the order i say.Enter the blue portal and then go to the bottom portal of the row,then the middle,bottom and bottom again now i think you should be on the other side now so proceed, but if your not then try to find which the last portal is.
Ok so now your in the shadow room first check to see if you are lvl 15 if not walk around and fight some dark creatures also you should see if your money is 1500 since you need that money for Battle mode.In the shadow room there will be two chests, open both of them one will be a trick chest kill it you will receive a new stronger rapier from one of them equip it.When you are ready go to thenext room.
Here you can save your progress and buy battle mode from the mage.
The next and last room contains the last boss but he is amazingly easy to defeat with level 15 so use the double/double tactic on him then continue with attacks, he has some strong attacks so use potions and herbs.When you defeat him its chaper over congratualtions.


Juze said...

Not bad, but some of the parts suck.

Nqkoi1 said...

And which parts would that be?

Focus said...

I don't want to argue, but VertFire was supposed to do it (at least that was what Frag said)

VertFire said...

I know I was supposed to do it but I thought he wanted both badges and I'm haven't gotten the Impossible one yet.

Focus said...

In fact, only a hacker has it, so don't worry. ^^

Zubon said...

May I recommend the rust vehusus larvae (worm side quest after the first boss) for leveling? They do almost no damage and are worth 30xp each. They seem much faster than trying to use the skulls and wisps in the first caves.

Nqkoi1 said...

Yes zubon but you need to level first to even pass the first cave.Yes focus but I red the e-mail after i made the guide.

arnau007 said...

the hp of the worm is 750

"How to Kongregate" said...

Read a far better and detailed guide in "How to Kongregate: Max Mesiria Chp2 RPG", from the main plot to the Battle Mode to the musics!

TinyBaby said...

How to Kongregate: There isn't the smallest hint for the main plot, it only says "I believe games should be played and not walked through" or some bla bla like that, so I'm glad there is this site. Anyhow in the mine there IS one barrel (with water in it) that does contain something- a potion

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