Monday, October 29, 2007

(The real) Challenge #32 : Sur...Revival of the Fittest!

Challenge #32 : Revival of the Fittest :o.

Thing-Thing is back in the spotlight this week on Kongregate! Fend off waves of n00bery and emerge victorious, claiming the Flash Powder card! ( since when was it even spotlighted other than the badge :P)

Challenge: Score 50 kills in "Ultimate Survival"

...and while we're at it...

Path Pwnage Badge ( Easy - 5 points)
- Load up "Ultimate Survival" and slaughter 20 soldiers, robots, zombies, and, uh, bean things in Thing-Thing Arena 2

Game Strategy:

#1 : Terrain layout
Alright, see this picture beside me? Yeah, I know, it's the front-page picture. But did you know that this is one heck of a stage to get enough kills for the challenge?
To start, jump onto the two crates you see on the left. Reason being is that those zombies can't reach you that well, eliminating one enemy to mess you up. And lesser enemies are good, no?
#2: How the enemies should be killed (by Vertfire)
Each enemies have it's own weaknesses in weapons. The numbers tell you in which order they should be killed.
1.Gunner- any gun will do.
2.Beans-Use a Machine gun or a Shotgun.
3.Zombies- Its best to wait for the clock power up then blast then with your strongest weapon.
4.Robots- Use your handguns because they aren't very useful on anybody else.

This should be all you need to complete the whole thing. kthxbai.'re joking me. You want me to do a hard badge summary. Sorry, but I haven't got it yet :P.

...okay, fine, I'll just get another guide.

#3: Pure Madness Badge Tips. (by Nqkoi1)

ps. Stuff that I don't really agree on is marked with (Syl), understand?

- Jumping = Good, but landing into a pile of enemies = bad.

-Zombies = Slow but have tough damage. On other hand, those beans = low damage but REAL fast.

- (Syl) On contary to what Nq said about corners, don't. The enemies could gang up on you, and that those robots from up there could come down.

- Health Power-ups = Yes, (Syl) but it would be pretty stupid to get it when you have full-health, and that it's in the middle of an enemy squad. Pretty much, save yourself by not killing yourself

- Don't choose dark colours for character. Try to choose light colours.

- Stop time power-ups are different. Grab them ASAP.

There, happy? Can I end it now?

You earned the Flash Powder Card :D!

Geezus, more cards coming out, ei? Pretty much, someone's bound to ask what the Amazon Women card will be.

P.s: I had better take the card challenges from now on, editors, for I actually need to do some work around Cocak nowadays...

P.s.s: Of course, Chalet's on Thursday, won't be back till' Friday, lucky chaps.

P.s.s.s: And I have dates on every Wednesdays...

P.s.s.s.s: And I realise I'm taking your time. *laughs like Kunoichi.*


Nqkoi1 said...

ZOMG nice.

VertFire said...

Good job mixing our guides together! How do you formate your card guides so they look like that?

Sylicas said...

Because I rule :P

Oh yeah, and experience counts towards the whole thing as a mix as well. Plus some easy stuff...isn't that hard, just abit lenghty :D.

It isn't that hard considering that if you refrence to the previous card challenges. Always did that, only memorized the spanclass="fullpost" blablabla...

VertFire said...

Ok I got something else that really should be added to the guide.
Go into practice mod then, Pull out one of the strongest guns (dosent really matter which one as long as you can shot quickly with it). Jump behind the cashier then shot him alot! He will pull out the mini Vulcan and start shooting you so don't stop firing till hes dead. once he dies pick up his gun then from that point on the mini Vulcan will appear in all other modes!

Kong "Grin" Gates said...

Check out a more detailed article regarding this achievement badge in "How to Kongregate - Thing-Thing Arena 2"!