Sunday, October 7, 2007

Challenge 29: Crabfest 2007 (also Citizen Snips, and Super Sashimi badges)

Card18Crabfest 2007 Challenge
It's October, and you know what that means! Leaves turning yellow, Germans drinking beer, and fish soaring into the sky while collecting crabs/white dots and avoiding hungry killer whales!

Citizen Snips Badge
Difficulty: Hard
Requirements: Fly your way to level 10 and collect its resident crab in Ancient Origins{flying fish}

Super Sashimi Badge
Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: Help Fred, the delicious flying fish, score 10,000 points in id="achievement_game">Ancient Origins{flying fish}

The Challenge!

Game: Ancient Origins{flying fish}
Ancient Origins{flying fish} feature image
by mygameline
Follow fred on a journey across the sea!

Challenge Tasks

CRABS! ~ Collect any crab in level 5 or beyond.

Alright so, pretty much for this challenge you have unlimited lives so it's impossible to lose. Just keep trying to get past the level, also if you are worried about hitting the black balls don't.. They don't affect obtaining the crab. Also a note about the flying fish part. You have to click repeatedly to fly not just hold the button down. Also don't avoid the background pictures, like the dragon or turtle. Once your fish gets in a rhythm you don't even have to move the mouse in some instances as fred does the flying for you.

Easy badge! Just try and hit as many dots as you can and don't die! Whenver you die you lose half your points, although crabs help agaisnt this as they provide a nice double to your points. Once you hit 10k then don't worry about the dots anymore

Hard badge! For the last level its a extremely tedious flying experience, just keep clicking through it'll be alright. =] Land on the crab then die and you'll reap in your rewards. Just have some patience with your life count. You will die alot.

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