Sunday, October 7, 2007

Exclusive: Stormwinds preview (Added Enemy Types)

COCAK has had the opportunity to see the new and upcoming game from HeroInteractive. This game is Stormwinds. So COCAK has taken the opportunity to create the official guide and walkthrough for Stormwinds!

1. Plot
2. Playing the game
3. Turrets
4. Turret Placement
5. Enemies
6. By Level Strategies (coming Wednesday October 17)
7. Deluxe Version (coming Friday October 19)

*This guide will increase in size once the game has been released and the full version is out.

1. Plot

"We stand now at the brink of the largest invasion our world has ever known. This fortress is our last thread of hope, we must not let the enemy pass- for if we fail, our only home that lies in the valley beyond us will be destroyed and our memory erased forever. Never lose heart, never give up, and never forget the might of this mountain!"

- Captain Patterson, 2nd Gunnery Division.

2. Playing the Game

First things first, pick your difficulty level, whether easy, medium, or hard and we'll get straight into what you must do to defeat the coming threat. Then once the game starts you will see a menu called The Formation Screen, here you can choose your turrets and decide how you want to set up your defense.

Once you choose which turrets you want to use to defend, you can choose where they are placed, each placement has it's own hotkey, from 1-5. Although in the beginning of the game you start with only 3 placement spots.

Once you have selected your first turrets you can then start the game by clicking the "Bring It, I'm Ready!" button.

You will first see that the turret you have selected has multiple status bars, you will of course wonder what these all mean. Well the top status bar indicates how long it takes for the turret to obtain maximum range or how long the turret takes to use a power. Then the next status bar is a health bar for the turret it is underneath. The last and final status bar is a reload bar, how long the gun takes to reload, while some turrets such as the Machine Gun reload quickly, other more powerful weapons such as the Flak Cannon take longer to reload.

To fire upon an enemy you must aim and fire your turret towards the enemy and with enough skill the shot will hit them. You can change between active turrets with hotkeys and control them simultaneously.

Once all the enemies in a round are eliminated the Formation Screen comes up again, in this screen you can buy some more turrets and if you don't want to pay to repair a turret you can put it in storage and it'll be fixed next turn. Or if you would like to repair or sell a turret you can drag the turret over to the appropriate icon. Now then, we've been talking about all these turrets but you don't even know what they do yet.

3. Turrets

There are a variety of turrets in Stormwinds, here we will quickly go through all of them and what they do, how they level up and what their stats are.

*Note about leveling up and experience
The active turrets all gain experience together, so the experience gained from a single enemy is put towards all turrets, if there is only one turret than that turret will reap in all of the experience although there will generally be less overall health on the game.

Heavy Cannon

Cost: 1500
The standard issue for your base. It has average HP (Hit Points), and a decent firepower. With a fairly fast reload time. The shells tend to curve down depending on how far you are shooting. So keep that in mind when firing. Set this weapon towards the front of your arsenal to punch a whole through enemy ships through the first couple of levels.
Level 1: Damage=4, Health= 100 Recharge Length: 15 (same for all upgrades)
Level 2: Damage=5, Health=125,
Level 3: Damage=6 , Health= 150,
Level 4: Damage=8, Health= 175,
Level 5: Damage =10 Health=200
Level 6: Damage= 12 Health= 225
Level 7: Damage=14 Health= 225
Level 8: Damage=16 Health= 250
Level 9: Damage= 20 Health= 300

Machine Gun

Cost: 1500
The Machine Gun is always a good decision to have in the lower back slot on your cities defense. The weapon has no "arc" when firing. Best part is it comes with an almost instant reload time! Although it does have a weaker firepower it makes up for it with speed.
Level 1: Damage= 1, Health= 75, Recharge Length= 10
Level 2: Damage= 1, Health= 90, Recharge Length= 9
Level 3: Damage= 1, Health= 105, Recharge Length= 8
Level 4: Damage= 1, Health= 120, Recharge Length= 7
Level 5: Damage= 2, Health= 135, Recharge Length= 12
Level 6: Damage= 2, Health= 150, Recharge Length= 11
Level 7: Damage= 2, Health= 165, Recharge Length= 10
Level 8:Damage= 2, Health= 180, Recharge Length= 9
Level 9: Damag= 3, Health= 200, Recharge Length= 11

Sniping Cannon

Cost: 3000
Just as the name described. This weapon is for all those sniping fanboys out there. It boasts massive fire power with a single one shot round that hits almost instantly. It comes with a slower fire rate which may deter some users from users from selecting it. If you already have a powerful weapon line up throw this in somewhere and have some fun!
Level 1: Damage= 15, Health= 75, Recharge Length= 600
Level 2: Damage= 18, Health= 90, Recharge Length= 550
Level 3: Damage=20, Health= 105, Recharge Length= 525
Level 4: Damage= 22, Health= 120, Recharge Length= 500
Level 5: Damage= 25, Health= 135, Recharge Length= 475
Level 6: Damage= 27, Health= 150, Recharge Length= 450
Level 7: Damage= 30, Health= 165, Recharge Length= 425
Level 8: Damage= 35, Health= 180, Recharge Length= 400
Level 9: Damage= 40, Health= 200, Recharge Length= 350

Flak Cannon

Cost: 4000
One heck of a of my favorites. Fire it in the middle of enemy ships and watch as they are taken out with relative ease with this gun. The shell it fire splits into smaller shells taking out ships in all areas. Like the Heavy Cannon when you fire the original shell it tends to "arc." Place this in almost any spot to use it effectively!
Level 1: Damage= 20, Health= 75, Recharge Length= 600
Level 2: Damage= 23, Health= 90, Recharge Length= 575
Level 3: Damage =26, Health= 105, Recharge Length= 550
Level 4: Damage= 29, Health= 120, Recharge Length= 525
Level 5: Damage= 32, Health= 135, Recharge Length= 500
Level 6: Damage= 35, Health= 150, Recharge Length= 475
Level 7: Damage= 38, Health= 165, Recharge Length= 450
Level 8: Damage= 41, Health= 180, Recharge Length= 425
Level 9: Damage= 45, Health= 200, Recharge Length= 400

Flame Cannon

Cost: 10000
Only available in the Extra Content, this weapon will dominate bigger enemies when you get it upgraded. This cannon shoots out a fireball at oncoming enemies causing them to catch on fire if they hit. When an enemy ge
ts hit with one the fireball explodes into multiple little shards that can do extra damage!
Level 1: Damage= 10, Health= 100, Recharge Length= 300
Level 2: Damage= 12, Health= 125, Recharge Length= 290
Level 3: Damage= 14, Health= 150, Recharge Length= 280
Level 4: Damage= 16, Health= 175, Recharge Length= 270
Level 5: Damage= 18, Health= 200, Recharge Length= 260
Level 6: Damage= 20, Health= 225, Recharge Length= 250
Level 7: Damage= 22, Health= 250 , Recharge Length= 240
Level 8: Damage= 25, Health= 275, Recharge Length= 225
Level 9: Damage= 30, Health= 300, Recharge Length= 200

Lightning Gun

Cost: 40000
A very cool weapon to have. Put it in any slot and just click on it and click on an enemy ship and it will fire a streak of lightening instantly at it causing massive amounts of damage. Depending on your amount of upgrade on it, it could even cause a chain effect and jump to another ship and cause damage on that one too! It has a very slow reload time so don't rely on it entirely.
Level 1: Damage= 30, Health= 65, Recharge Length= 1200
Level 2: Damage= 35, Health= 75, Recharge Length= 1180
Level 3: Damage= 40, Health= 85, Recharge Length= 1160
Level 4: Damage= 45, Health= 95, Recharge Length= 1140
Level 5: Damage= 50, Health= 105, Recharge Length= 1120
Level 6: Damage= 55, Health= 115, Recharge Length= 1100
Level 7: Damage= 60, Health= 125, Recharge Length= 1050
Level 8: Damage= 70, Health= 135, Recharge Length= 1000
Level 9: Damage= 100, Health= 150, Recharge Length= 900

Meteor Summoner

Cost: 75000
You get what you pay for with this baby! It comes only in the Extra Content but man is this sweet! Click on the turret to turn it on and sit back and enjoy the show. As tons of meteors fall from the sky raining doom on all the enemies daring to close in on your proximity! It lasts for quite awhile too. Takes out most enemies in just one hit, although it does come with a slow reload time.
Level 1: Damage= 30, Health= 75, Recharge Length= 4500
Level 2: Damage= 35, Health= 90, Recharge Length= 4300
Level 3: Damage= 40, Health= 105, Recharge Length= 4200
Level 4: Damage= 45, Health= 120, Recharge Length= 4200
Level 5: Damage= 50, Health= 135, Recharge Length= 4200
Level 6: Damage= 60, Health= 150, Recharge Length= 4400
Level 7: Damage= 65, Health= 165, Recharge Length= 4400
Level 8: Damage= 70, Health= 180, Recharge Length= 4400
Level 9: Damage= 75, Health= 200, Recharge Length= 4400

Health Buffer

Cost: 6000
As long as this puppy isn't destroyed all your turrets on field will get an extra health bonus added too them. It's sort of like health insurance for your turrets! Might want to get one of these.
Level 1: Health= 75
Level 2: Health= 100
Level 3: Health= 125
Level 4: Health= 150
Level 5: Health= 175
Level 6: Health= 200
Level 7: Health= 225
Level 8: Health= 250
Level 9: Health= 275

Damage Buffer

Cost: 15000
Almost exactly like the Health Buffer, this buffer adds damage to all your turrets as long as it isn't destroyed.
Level 1: Health= 95
Level 2: Health= 115
Level 3: Health= 135
Level 4: Health= 155
Level 5: Health= 175
Level 6: Health= 195
Level 7: Health= 215
Level 8: Health= 235
Level 9: Health= 250

Fire Rate Buffer

Cost: 30000
Only available in the Extra Content, this buffer adds a faster reload/fire rate to all your turrets as long as it isn't destroyed!
Level 1: Health= 95
Level 2: Health= 115
Level 3: Health= 135
Level 4: Health= 155
Level 5: Health= 175
Level 6: Health= 195
Level 7: Health= 215
Level 8: Health= 235
Level 9: Health= 250

4. Turret Placement

The turret placement in stormwinds is a essential part in winning, you want your turrets to have maximum range, the vulnerable ones to be able to be protected and the quick firing to be in the midst of battle. This next picture will explain the positions which turrets can be placed.
Alright so here are your options for turret placement. Although the two on the bottom most platform aren't available until later in the game.

Early in the game: You want to put usually a heavy cannon out front if you can while keeping a sniper on bottom and a flak on top. This strategy for me personally works the best as your sniper is protected, its easy to just fire off a random flak shell and your big guns are front and center.

Later in the game: Heres where your customization takes hold, you've got two extra spots to do whatever you want with, do you put down a meteor shower(only available in the premium version) or plop down a lightning gun and a health buff? This is truly your own choice.

5. Enemy Types

*Enemy info will be updated as information comes in, that blank space will be filled
Little Choppa (Note about names, they aren't official)
Health: Minimum (Exact Value comes later)
75 G 30 EXP

This little bugger is more of a nuisance than a threat, with no actual weapon to fire from this thing just flies around and eats bullets. The problem is who's going to feed him...please say you =]

Ant Chopper
Health: Low
125 G 50 EXP

Not only is it pretty small, but this chopper has got a three-shot burst fire machine gun. doing small amounts of damage it should be taken out effectively although with a good shot of the heavy cannon.

The Warship
Health: Excessive
200 G 150 EXP

This sucker is one potent enemy, and you may find yourself taking a good long time destroying him.. that is if you only hit the bottom of the ship. This ship flies in and stops to bombard your turrets with it's three cannons, while it is stopped try and aim for the inside of the ship, where the gears and cogs are. Thats where all the damage is at.

Hot Air Balloonier
Health: Mid-Grade
?? G ?? EXP

This balloon, is a simple target to take out, all it does is float up so it shouldn't be too hard to aim the turret. If you strike the top of it's balloon you may find that the entire ship will deflate while if you strike the bottom it may take longer than you'd like.

Iron Elephant
Health: High to Low
?? G ?? EXP

This dual machine gun wielding armor toting fool is just ready to take out your turrets, although he's only got so much room to roam, once he turns around you can effectively demolish it's gears and bring down the mighty elephant.

Pea Shooter
Health: Minimum
?? G ?? EXP

This little sucker is the worst nightmare, he may have low health though hes extremely small and hard to hit. Except this one has a machine gun. I think lightning storms have brought down swarms before right.. *wink*

Health: Low
?? G ?? EXP

You've only got one shot, but make it count. Try and get this bomber before it can let loose the fury of its arsenal. It's bombs are a massive damage inducing threat. Just hit it anywhere before it can damage anymore!

Health: High
?? G ?? EXP

This Blimps got a slow-moving attraction to it. A few bullets in its thick hide wouldn't hurt, heck a few bullets anywhere in the balloon wouldn't be a bad idea. Although you shouldn't let it get over your turrets because it has bombs too.

(I like to call him Bauce pronounced Boss)
Health: OMFG!
?? G ?? EXP

This guy has a nice little cog factory up top although it can be quite hard to reach, so aim for that otherwise destroy everything. A Meteor Shower works really well against him and lightning works really well against all those damn choppers flying around.

.... we needed this guide out fast so.. we're putting it out now.. All things will be updated =]


Stephanie said...

I know it has nothing to do with the game itself. I just wanted to say I'm proud of and excited for you that you get to do a highlight on such a big game. Personally I think you would do amazing in this type of a career and this is just one step closer. You're extremely talented Josh, keep up the amazing work <3

MRH the pie said...

Game's out on ArmorGames, and it pwns. Here's hoping the Kong version will have API and Challenge/badge! Guide is very detailed, although the extra content is making me jealous.

MRH the pie said...

I've found the best strategy(I'm only mid game now, don't have enough money for all towers) is to have a cannon in slot 2, a flak in slot 3 and a health buffer(I'm gonna try damage when I get enough) in slot 1.

Slot 3 is bad for any tower that shoots straight, so flak's arking shot works well. The cannon in 2 is further forawrd and hits earlier, and the buffer in slot 1 is somewhat more protected from enemy fire.

Great fun so far, a good quality defense shooter.

Jillian Sue said...

the strategy i tend to use is health and damage buffers in slots 1 and 2, sniper in 3, lightning in 4, and machine gun in 5. I have yet to lose one turret. Extra content would change this strategy dramatically.

Daan said...

The flak cannon is awesome in the beginning, but it's charge time prevents it from being useful once the enemies spawn faster.

Never underestimate the machine gun. When maxed and coupled with a damage buffer it can take out most enemies faster than other guns can fire.

My personal favourite is a machine gun in the bottom spot and flak in the top spot. Work towards a damage buffer and replace the flak with a sniper once the armored elephants appear. Keep the machine gun in front once you get 5 turret slots, and use the extra slots for lightning guns. Perhaps a health buffer as well, although I've never needed one.

Kronos said...

Update up man!
Gold and EXP help for you. :D
(listed accordingly)

Little Choppa: 75G; 30 EXP
Ant Chopper: 125G; 50 EXP
The Warship: 200G; 150 EXP
Hot Air Balloonier: 100G; 50 EXP
Iron Elephant: 150G; 75 EXP
Pea Shooter: 150G; 75 EXP
Bomber: 100G; 100 EXP
Blimpzzz!: 200G; 200 EXP
Bauce: lol i missed this.

Anonymous said...

I have the rewards for bauce. On defeat he gives 4000 experience and 1500 gold

newedge14 said...

Thanks guys.. I'm going to be doing a good long update on the guide. Plans on doing a great level by level synopsis as well as a look at the bonus content. Which is BTW really sweet!

Kronos said...

Apparently the Little Choppa has 3 HP. lol
I have poor memory. xD;

Cris said...

Game's way to repetitive
i hit lvl 23 and i only way i can still win is 1 dmg buffer a machine gun and 3 snipers

Anonymous said...

You want good times? Slap three Damage buffers on your back slots and a Machine Gun and Sniper cannon up front. Never lost a turret once I got this set up. I didn't even need the Sniper most of the time, so replacing it with a lightning cannon might make your life a little easier. The Sniper was downing Iron Elephants in one hit in their front armor in the end. Those Damage Buffers make the machine gun powerful beyond all reason, though.

Anonymous said...

i took down bauce and all other enemies way too easy with four damage buffers and a machine gun!

bloggo said...

i don't know what difficulty everyone else was playing on, but i was playing on hard and nobodies tactics worked for level 21. multiple damage buffs might have worked if i would have gotten them sooner and leveled them instead of saving fo a lightning gun. i finally beat it with a health buff in 1,cannon 2 and 3, damage buff 4, machine gun 5. probly not actually best setup but all other guns were too weak and kept dieing. i lost machine gun so actually maybe another cannon better. before level 21 i had machine gun in 1, but i kept losing my buffs in other spots. whatever. good game , would have liked too be able to shoot down enemy shots or at least bombs, or maybe deflect with timed button presses or something. also would like for it to say weapon level in setup screen.ok, the end.

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Great job! uh...just when are you going to post the level-by-level walkthrough though...its like 2 months since october (almost)

FRAGM3NT said...

Sorry for leaving this post in the dark, all Stormwinds things were halted due to the coming out of Stormwinds 1.5 which is going to be alot better.. you can check out the progress at