Monday, October 15, 2007

Community Spotlight: Dragily

For our new Community Spotlight, Cocak was looking for someone less well known (meaning a non-Vannite). Anyway, someone from Scribbles needed some recognition. So in light of our new CS (community spotlight, duh xD), here's our what you came to read (ZOMG):

Dragily, a member since April and a brand new moderator, has stood out it chat and in the forums. Be warned; he likes to talk! If you look at his profile, you'll see what I mean. He puts thought into everything he does, and is a great asset to the community. And if you want to see him from a gaming perspective (hey, it IS a gaming site after all!), he has all the badges, minus the last few new ones. So bravo Dragily, for your deserved spot in the CS!



chitown15 said...

Congrats to Dragily on becoming a mod.

renny141 said...

Woo! Go Dragily!

Deiza Viorge said...

Tanks, minna. :D Well appreciated indeed. *bows*

--btw, yeah. I also go by Deiza. ^^ Though it is Dragily, if that's not already obvious~