Monday, October 15, 2007

Game of the Month: Stormwinds

by HeroInteractive
Currently 3.5/5 Stars.
Defeat a massive invasion of steampunk-ish enemies in this epic flash game!

COCAK Walkthrough
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The COCAK Review: So this game is in the vein of a defense game akin to the likes of Bowmaster and The Last Stand. You protect your stronghold from waves of flying enemies. Some brutal and others plain annoying. You can buff your turrets and unleash a brutal attack with lightning guns and meteor showers. The bonus content is simply the best way to go if you want to completely enjoy the game.

The game does lack a few things though one being a faster paced gameplay style. Everything seems to come at you slowly even though you can attack much faster. With the heavy cannon and machine gun used throughout the game the other turrets just seem to reload way too slow. Although decimating your opponents with a good lightning blast is always fun.

Conclusion: 4.5/5
.5 off for being slow paced...


mster said...

why are you praising this game so much its not really that great. But thats only my opinion. You should do those new badges tho... Good job keep it up.

Frank said...

I agree, I expected this game to be exceptional but it was barely functional. Especially when it asked for 5 dollars for more turrets? Bad form.

Cocak should try to distance itself from this game, rather than act as a fanboy because it makes the blog looked biased as hell.

FRAGM3NT said...

well you see we still do other games, such as the papa's pizzeria guide and the 5 differences guide. COCAK just has a game of the month based upon my personal ideas, last month Tactics 100 was the game of the month and it had 3 or 4 consecutive posts.

I also performed a in-depth walkthrough. The only difference with Stormwinds is that I fell in love with it before it was released by Kong. Don't worry this is the last stormwinds post.

Anonymous said...

your strat guides are great, but game of the month as 'stormwinds' of all games? its a demo o_O

Malachi said...

Well, it was a highly anticipated game... It just sort of disappointed a lot of people :(

FRAGM3NT said...

Its not a demo the extra content is simply extra..