Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dark Cut 2 First Impressions.

I just beat the rather short story mode and would like to share my first impressions with you. Only two words really describe the game: Gory, and Intense. From the realistic gore warning on the front, to that time all gamers check other sites and on the preloader a large SPLAT of blood that scared me out of my seat, the gore keeps coming and coming, and it is very graphic and somewhat realistic looking.
For the intense part, it is just because of what the surgeries are. Take the tird surgery. You cut open a guys infected skin and discover a nest of maggots. And the fourth surgery was just.... wow.... I don't want to spoil it. Overall, the game was epic.

If you want to play it go to Armor games, it looks like it was sponsored by them so no word on how long kongregate gets delayed. Seriously though: Bring a barf bag.


Nqkoi1 said...

There is no need to submit a hundred guides in the first day.Jeez that way the other guidesdont get seen.

Focus said...

It seems that nqkoi1 tries to eliminate the rivals, huh?

Milskidasith said...

Nqkoi, if people cared enough to come, they can change pages to read older articles. I put up a review, a guide, and a short article on a well known game. By the way, work on your little problem with spaces after punctuation. It is a blog with 10+ staff members, I can post my impressions with games along with whatever else.

Daniel said...

It was sponsored by 'Armor Games' it was developed by us!


Daniel said...

I meant to say it 'WASN'T' sponsored by us.

Armor Games Developed the title!


Juze said...

It's on Kongregate now.