Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Gold Customer

The Gold Customer
A guide to Papas’ Pizzeria and all its Badges
By VertFire

First play through a couple days on your own to get used to the game make sure you know your way around the menus so you know what I’m talking about.

Register Biscuit Badge - This Badge Is easy all you have to do is play through about 5 days, as long as you don’t cut their pizza totally wrong, Cook it for way to long, or give them lots of wrong toppings they will be happy and get a star by their name. Once they get 5 stars they become a bronze customer

Pizza Lover Badge - To get this badge you have to keep customers happy so they give good tips. The absolute minimum amount of days you must play is 10 but it will probably take about 12. Give customers the pizza they ask for and you should be fine, you also receive bigger tips when they become a bronze customer so the more you have the faster you will get this badge.

Pizza Addict Badge- Ok now its time for the first half of the impossible badge, you have to unlock 35 of the 36 customers, Every time you grow a rank you get a new customer and the more star customers you have the faster that tip jar fills up which in turn makes your rank go up faster.
By now you probably have a routine in which you do things but I’m going to explain one which helps keep wait times down.
1st go to the order station and take the customers order then go put on the toppings for that pizza, next you put it in the oven. I suggest that you come up with a order to put the orders on the string so you know which one is in what spot in the oven.

P1 P2

P3 P4

Key P = Pizza 1-4 = the order that goes with the pizza in the spot with the matching number.
Example Order 1 goes with the pizza in slot P1

The example above is the way I use but use whatever you can remember.

Once the first pizza is in the oven go back to the order station and take the next customers order, put toppings on it then put it in the oven. While in the oven see if any previous pizzas are ready to come out, if they are take them out, cut them and give them to the customer, then go back to the order station and repeat. Once you do this enough you will have all the customers unlocked and receive your badge.

Pizza Psychopath Badge- The final and hardest of the split impossible badge requires you to make all 36 customers gold. To make a customer gold you must fill up his stars 3 times first they become bronze, silver, then gold. This badge isn’t really difficult it just requires a lot of time. Keep giving the customer the pizza they ordered and eventually you will get this badge.

Here are some tips to help you along the way!

* If you screw up an order and the customer losses all their stars don’t be afraid to hit the back button and start the level over again.

* Play a little every day that way you don’t get bored doing the same thing over and over again.

* The toppings don’t have to look perfect they can be all mixed up, on top of each other, etc. Looks don’t matter

* The last customers’ pizza always will have a short cooking time

If you have any tips that I didn’t use say them in the comments.

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noice said...

Nice guide! Alas, the Pizza Psychopath is not impossible and never was, it's just "hard" because as you said: the badge doesn't need skill, just (a lot of) time.

Second, if you screw something up and lose stars, you don't have to hit the back button. Just quit to the main menu and reload the saved game to start the round over again.

I used to put the pizzas into the oven and pin the orders after baking in the same sequence I put the pizzas out of the oven. _After_ _all_ pizzas are out of the oven, I cut them ... just less confusing, but as fast. Drawback is that the first customer _may_ give you only 60% on waiting time, but that doesn't mean you don't get a star for the pizza. I just felt it was much less confusing, leaving me with picture perfect baking times :)

Took 135 (game) days to complete the last badge, though :(