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Badge: Gourmet Kongregate Supreme

Gourmet Kongregate Supreme Badge
Game: Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack! - Kongregate Version
Level: Hard (30 points)

Collect all 36 delicious Kongregate coins in Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack! - Kongregate Version.

Note that this guide is by Nobiology. Thanks to him for making it! You can also read it in the forums or in this site.

Level 1-1
Coin 1 – About halfway through the level (after you pass a help sign for “Poised Walk”), hop up the wooden planks. To your left, you should see a meatwad jumping on a pillar. Kill it, then jump and glide to your left. You should see the coin in the air there.
Coin 2 – After going down the hill, past the two hopping meatwads, you should see an opening at the base of the hill. Go left into the opening and the coin will be right there.
Coin 3 – At the end of the level, at the scale, hop onto the very top. To the right, is the final coin.

Level 1-2
Coin 1 – Past the “Gliding” help board, there is a ladder. Go down it and defeat some bouncy meatwads, then get the coin in plain view.
Coin 2 – When you see a blimp, take it up, follow the path of blimps right until you come to two pizza monsters. Defeat them, then hop up on the nearby ledge. You should be able to see the coin to your left.
Coin 3 – The last coin is on top of the scale structure again, in the center.

Level 1-3
Coin 1
– After the “Boulder Bash”, defeat the pizza monster, then jump left and float to the coin in sight.
Coin 2 – When you hop on the first blimp that goes up, hit the breakable blocks and run inside to find the coin.
Coin 3 – Near the end when you see another Boulder, you should see a single coin on a pillar. Jump to the pillar then jump to the ledge to your left. The Final coin is there.

Level 2-1
Coin 1 – after killing the spear guy, you should see 2 pillars, one with coins on it. Go back left to the hill, get a running start and jump/glide to the first pillar, hop to the second and the coin will be in sight.
Coin 2 – Right after the first coin, you’ll drop down a bit. Go left and the coin is right there.
Coin 3 – After defeating the final Pizza monster, the final coin is right behind him in plain sight.

Level 2-2
Coin 1 – You may see this coin in the air after fighting the first pizza monster. You can’t reach it by jumping, so go forward and when you come to a pit with leaves, fall in. Go back to the left, killing the monster, then use the spring to bounce up to the coin.
Coin 2 – After defeating the second pizza monster, continue down and then to the right. Jump up some blocks until you see some wooden planks on the left. Jump to them, and go up the ladder to the spring. Hop up and you’ll see the coin with a spear monster.
Coin 3 – After defeating the third pizza monster, continue right. When you see two pillars, hop up to the left (you’ll see some coins on the ledge). Keep going left, and then run along the falling blocks and then hop and float. You’ll see the coin.

Level 2-3
Coin 1 – When you see the first pizza monster, you should see some falling blocks (3) just before it. Fall down, then fall down once again, then run to your left. You’ll see the coin there.
Coin 2 – After going up the ladder with the monster on it, go left. Fight the second Pizza Monster, then continue left. When you see the wooden planks, go down. The coin will be right below one.
Coin 3 – After you get the second coin, go back to where the planks were and continue left. Pass the first blimp and go up the ladder then left again. When you see an area covered by leaves, hop in the middle, and a blimp will take you up. Hop off on the wooden planks and get the small coins and the final large one as well.

Level 3-1
Coin 1
– After going up a long hill, when you see another sauce fountain, jump up two levels of it. The coin will be at the top.
Coin 2 – At the same sauce fountain, go to the bottom. The coin is right there in the middle near a bouncing meatwad.
Coin 3 – After the second coin, continue right. You’ll see a small opening where sauce runs into the wall. Duck and let the sauce carry you in the opening, and the coin is in the tunnel.

Level 3-2
Coin 1
– You should see this one as soon as you start up and to the left. To get there, go right, and hop up a few levels of the sauce fountain. Once at the top, run and glide to the left and you should be able to get it.
Coin 2 – After getting the first coin, head to the bottom of the sauce area you’re at, and go left. You should see two breakable blocks, break them and enter the area. Watch out for the rolling cheese wedge, and go left till you come to a ladder. Go up, collect the small coins and then hop off to snag the bonus coin.
Coin 3 – After defeating the third Pizza monster, destroy the block beneath him and duck to let the sauce carry you through the opening. Hop up the small wooden pegs on the wall, and then jump/glide to the left to snag the last coin.

Level 3-3
Coin 1 – Go down from where you start, and hit a block, then duck to be carried through the tunnel. Defeat the Pizza Monster then go right and bust through more breakable blocks. The coin is right there.
Coin 2 – After the first coin, turn around and go back to where you fought the Pizza monster. Continue to go down till you’re on a wooden plank near 3 monsters. Go left from here and then go up a ladder on the far left. This will lead you to the coin, hop off to claim it.
Coin 3 – After the second coin, hop up where you originally went through the sauce tunnel. Continue right till you see another sauce fountain and go up. You’ll see a Pizza monster stationary on a pillar facing away from you, hop above him, go right till you can drop down then head back left towards him. You’ll see the coin on the way.

Level 4-1
Coin 1 – After ducking through the first passage on the conveyor belt, drop down the shaft, then duck and go left through another passage. The first coin is right at the end of this belt, hop to get it.
Coin 2 – After defeating the third Pizza monster, go up and right on the conveyor belt, killing roofclimbing meatwads as they come. Next drop down, jump up on the crates to the left killing monsters as they hop. Then hop on the conveyor belt and let it carry you left to get the second coin.
Coin 3 – After getting the second coin, head downward on a rope. Defeat another Pizza Monster, and then fall down, you should see a rope, climb up it and get the last coin.

Level 4-2
Coin 1 – As soon as you start the level, jump up to the rope right above you. Climb up and get the coin.
Coin 2 – After you go through the first conveyor belts with the switches, you should see some ropes, with coins forming a pointing arrow to the right. Follow the arrow by jumping from rope to rope, and the coin will be on the ledge there.
Coin 3 – After getting the second coin, drop down and go left. Hit the switch to change the directions and let the belt take you through the passage. Keep going left, when you see a rope, jump onto the middle area to the left. Hit the switch to change the belt direction, let the belt carry you through the tunnel, then kill the 3 hopping meatwads and get your coin.

Level 4-3
Coin 1
– After defeating the first 3 Pizza Monsters and passing the scale, you’ll see a rope at the end of a belt. Climb it for the coin.
Coin 2 – After defeating the final Pizza Monster (the one along the two diagonal ledges) run to the left and get the second coin.
Coin 3 – After getting the second coin, go up the diagonal slope across from where the last Pizza Monster was. You should see the final coin, jump and glide to it.


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