Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Challenge - Thinning the Herd

Halloween Challenge - Thinning the Herd
The village has been infested with villagers! Knock off a few heads to unlock the super-awesome Halloween edition Blood Vial card! (zomfg, halloween card)

Challenge: Score 1031 points in Headless Havoc .

Game: Headless Havoc by Void
-You are the Headless Horseman! Ride through the fields decapitating villagers!

Challenge Strategy:
Urrrr... I don't know, just keep clicking and hope for the best in decapitating heads? And stomp on others who you think you can't kill so that your Havoc Bar doesn't go down?

I did that, and I got just enough :D.

Fine. Here's some tips:

- Lay towards the back, somehow it swings more on the side that faces you ( Sp3000 )

- Try to get the victims on top of the blue circle and click. (also by Sp3000 )

- Stomp on the victims, at least it doesn't lower the Havoc Bar. (Doesn't add points.)

- Combos, combos, combos.

- Best thing to do is to keep clicking. Not only does it help you get a high clicking rate in Whatpulse, but also make sure that you actually hit something.

You have obtained the Blood Vial (Halloween Edition :o)

Happy Halloween/Ghostmas/Candy Day everyone >:D - From Sylicas

(or if you want to, Cocak Team.)


Kevin said...
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Sp3000 said...

Nice tips! XD

Seriously, your ones are good and well written too

JudeMaverick said...

It's a 1 day card so get it fast :(

Juze said...

Nice tips!

There is still one thing you need to edit. "Earn This Weeks Halloween Card!" It's a card for week?! It's for day!