Monday, October 29, 2007

Thing-Thing Arena a Video Guide

Ok so one of my fellow writers already wrote a guide for the Hard Badge but I've got a video in case his explanation was too confusing for you.

Ok I also I have 1 Real good tip for you.
Go into practice mode then, Pull out one of the strongest guns (doesn't really matter which one as long as you can shot quickly with it). Jump behind the cashier then shot him a lot! He will pull out the Mini Vulcan and start shooting you so don't stop firing till he is dead. Once he dies pick up his gun then from that point on the mini Vulcan will appear in all other modes!


Milskidasith said...

The minigun is fun, but unlocking it is a bad move for the hard badge. Seeing as the smart hard badge strategies rely on a corner, the gauss gun, and being able to safely run out and get a time freeze without dieng first, the ability of the enemies to take out half your life in 1 second with a weapon you won't be using is a bit outweighing of the fun.

Good video guide though!

VertFire said...

See but I did use it. It didn't hurt me after unlocking it but everybody's different.

Milskidasith said...

Personally, I prefer the auto 12 for clearing the area if I run out of gauss gun ammo, but whatever works.

unproductive said...

did exactly as suggested and got the badge.

A++ would buy from again

"How to Kongregate" said...

Check out a more detailed article regarding this achievement badge in "How to Kongregate - Thing-Thing Arena 2"!