Monday, October 29, 2007

Max's Log: All the beasts I have encountered (full beastiary).

OK, lets get started here! Each enemy will have its location, attacks, and best strategy to defeat if applicable! Lots of pictures! Also, the info is all by memory(I AM NOT GOING THROUGH BATTLE MODE AGAIN FOR A WHILE!) so alert me of any errors or more detailed damages or locations. All info for battle mode is on the assumption you could complete the simple simon says challenges for bonus EXP and equipment.

Common Vehus
Found at: Round 1 of battle mode
Attacks: Heal self(25)
Water shot (weak)
Ink shot (strong)
Best strategy: just kill it quickly.

Rust Vehus:

Found: Battle mode round 33

Attacks: Same as Common Vehus

Strategy: Keep your health above 110 and hit it regularly

Common Vehus larva:
Found: Battle mode round 2~4

Strategy: Hit them. They shoudl die in one hit

Attacks: ink shot, deals around 10 damage.

Rust Vehus larva:
Found: Silo, rounds 20~22 BM
Attacks: Ink shot nothing to worry about
Strategy: In game, just kill them.
Battle mode:
Keep your health up and take them down one by one.
Heal when there is one left for the next round

Lost tentacle:
Found: BM round 5~7

Laser: 9~15 damage

Strategy: Kill the first one in round 5. In round 6, double strike boost them and then kill them. Round 7, boost double, boost double, then kill the final one with regular attacks.

Zombie tentacle: Rounds 37~39 BM:

Attacks: Laser ~40 damage give or take 10

Strategy: Keep your health up and take them out one by one. Use specials, you level up after the group of 3.

Ghost pulse:

Found: Battle mode rounds 8~10, the cave.

Attacks: Charges you, up to 19 damage.

Strategy: Story mode, just kill them. Battle mode, cautiously kill rounds 8 and 9, and double strike round 10 while staying within a range where you can live.

Second pulse:
Found: Battle mode rounds 14~16, boss fight in the cave

Attacks: Charges at you

Strategy: In boss fight, just slash them all dead (need to be level 10~11 to have enough strength)

In battle mode, cautiously kill.

FROM NOW ON!: Unless I say otherwise, battle mode strategy is CAUTIOUSLY KILL.

Burn Pulse:
Found: Boss fight, battle mode.
Attacks: Charges at you.
Strategy: In boss fight, explode then clean up the survivors (need to be level 11 to be strong enough)

Found: Battle mode, somewhere around rounds 36~42

Attacks: Charges at you

Fairly easy battle


Found: Battle mode round 11~13, the Cave

Attacks: Hits you. If you attack and break his skull (lol?) he is stronger.
Strategy: In game attack one of the skulls, then attack it again. Repeat. Do not slash groups of 3, it could result in you getting hit 3 times for 19, which would lower your Hp a good deal.


Found: Battle mode only, around volt pulses

Attacks: Hits you for around 30 to 40 damage. Without skull, charges you and hits 1.

Strategy: Break the skull of all of them, then dispose of them at your leisure. On the round with 3, slash then heal to max and finally kill them.

Darkling: Found on the train in the dark room and in battle mode rounds 22~25

Attacks: Slashes you, 10~33 damage

Strategy in game: Just beat em up.


Found: Battle mode, forgot where

Attacks: Slashes you

Fairly easy

Glow worm:

Found: In the cave glowing area, Battle mode round 26

Attacks: Makes you unable to run away.

Does nothing

Fires a laser/beam of slime.

Strategy: In game, cautiously kill a ton of them (wail on them, level up, wail on them, etc... If you don't level up, just save and heal, and then kill em more) untill you hit level 11 or 12. In battle mode, wail on it and be careful, it hits hard but not very often.

Pumpkin worm:
Found: In silo every time you defeat all the eggs on the floor, somewhere in battle mode.

Do nothing
Slime that disables dodging

Orange slime beam/laser

Strategy: Wail on them in game or save your specials, really doesn't matter

Frost worm:
Found: Battle mode

Do nothing

Purpleish laser slime beam: decent damage

Purple goop: No dodging or running (How no running hurts you in battle mode I don't know)

Queen pumpkin:

Found: Late battle mode, bottom of the silo

Attacks: Massive beam thing: Around 70~100 damage

Strategy: Wail on it with all you have got, then keep attacking. Not that hard.

Collossal frost:

Found: battle mode battle 50

Attacks: giant purple beam 90~125 damage IIRC

Strategy: Attack with regular attacks and heal sparingly. Use herbs to heal if possible, save all supplies and MP for the super boss.


Found: First boss, the glowing purple crack, and battle mode battle 27 (THIS WAS FIXED FYI!)


Defends itself, attacks deal around 15 less.

Static shock: Deals around 20~40 damage

Super red laser: Deals up to 80 damage. Very strong.

Strategy: Wail on it with all specials on both modes.


Found: Battle mode... Somewhere

Attacks: Same as the SRV220-0, but they deal 20 or 40 more respectivly

Strategy: same as its predecessor.


Found: Boss on train tracks, somewhere in the 30s of battle mode.

Attacks: Hits you with toungue, 25 damage or so

shakes itself and fires a yellow sound wave: deals up to 70 damage

Strategy: In game beat the heck out of it, on battle mode you MAY want to use a boost double combo on it, if only to save on the healing items you would use.


Found in battle mode battle 49

Strategy: Slowly and carefully destroy it.

Attacks are the same as menhir, but they deal 30 more damage.

Order gets a little messed up here..... Sorry.

HP: 3000, ATT: 105, DEF: 30, INT: 30, SPD: 30, EXP: 2500, $: 300.

This is a rough sketch of the final boss. It is just the final boss of the story mode, but pure white.

Found: Last battle mode battle.


Stage 1:
Sucks life out of you, healing him the same amount. From 21 to 51 damage.

Does nothing.

Looks at you, does a cool animation, and hits you for 115 to 145 damage. Ow.

Stage 2: Assuming it is the same as the other boss, I died before I got here...

Fires a beam from the ground. Fairly weak, probably 20 ~40 damage.

Gives you a painful x ray beam thing: Should deal up to 105 damage.

Strategy: Have saved up lots of nectar, potions, and specials, and pray for a lot of dodges.

Abductor(Both above pictures)

Found: Final car of the train, around round 47 in battle mode.

Attacks: See the doodle enemy and subtract 30 or so damage from all attacks.

Strategy: On both modes wail on it. Unless of course you are horrible at the easy simon says puzzles, in which case save your specials. How you can be horrible at simon says and logically think to get that far I don't know....


Found: One of the treasure chests in the dark room of the train, battle mode.


Throws jewels at you, does around 20 damage, gives you some money after battle

Bites you: Does a ton of damage, not sure if it gives money or not.

Strategy: Do as you will, it is easy.

Sea Erstaz: A blueish green mimic, found later in battle mode, same attacks, same strategy, I would care more but I accidentally deleted the picture.


VertFire said...

Thanks for the guide it will really help. Good job!

Milskidasith said...

Glad you liked it. I am editing now. If you have any requests for other data, send me a shout.

And yes, that freaky doodle thing IS an enemy. The one thing more annoying than the old level 27. It is INSANE. I don't have stats because frankly, I couldn't kill the thing.

smigbob said...

The pumpkin queen is pretty easy, because it rarely attacks.

"How to Kongregate" said...

Read a far better and detailed guide in "How to Kongregate: Max Mesiria Chp2 RPG", from the main plot to the Battle Mode to the musics!