Monday, October 29, 2007

A Starfighter has invaded Kongregate!

Game feature:
Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy
By BenOldingGames

Games come and go on Kongregate. The truly great ones are immortalized forever, like Onslaught. Even now if you go in a chatroom and talk about it most everybody could chat with you. Most games with badges or previous card challenges are also immortalized on Kongregate. So what was special about Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy?
The reasons Starfighter is popular are many and diverse. Starfighter for one is extremely well balanced. The game keeps you getting new ways to customize your ship, but no matter what it is almost completely fair for when you hit a multiplayer section. Very few ship upgrades are just more powerful versions of an older counterpart. The money given is also balanced.
Another reason it is popular is because of the graphics and sounds. All the sounds are very nice, and the background music fits the moods, from a battle theme in multiplayer sectors, to a haunting riff while entering a sector for a secret mission or with a hidden planet on it. The graphics are also nice, with high detail, ships appearances changing with the weapons you add, and a nice, realistic but out of the way HUD display giving you every piece of info you could ever know.
None of these reasons makes the game as popular in the chat as it is now. The reason it is still being chatted about like a 4 star average game that was just released even though it has been out for a month and a half (at the time of writing) and could easily have gone by without notice is the multiplayer. From the chatroom, which the creator constantly updates to keep running smoothly, to the fun multiplayer sectors where you can meet up for a quick battle or a full out gang war, the multiplayer is awesome. The big thing is the gangs, which although there are many of them, are fairly awesome. Gangs can do group multiplayer raids, and are instantly known because they can have a wide variety of custom ship colors instead of the monotonous red and blue. And thanks to the fact that you can always be just as good with 10 kills as with 10 thousand, it eliminates most discrimination on level. As long as you are skilled you can get into a gang if you want to.
I am not saying this game is perfect, and will not issue an official score or review for now, and I will admit it is sort of a “you love it or you hate it” game. However, I recommend that if you have not already, you immediately play the game. You might make some friends, you might make some enemies. You might even understand what those people in the Kongregate chatrooms are talking about. But I can guarantee you will have a unique experience at least.


VertFire said...

umm why did you write that.

Milskidasith said...

Uhh... Because nobody ever wrote anything on starfighter, it happens to encompass 75 % of chat not related to new badges, and is a pretty awesome game?

VertFire said...

Im not trying to be mean but we should post things that people actually care about.

Frank said...

Personally Stormwinds was overpromoted on this site, people shouldn't have cared about that, but it didn't stop the site from mentioning it.

At the same time I appreciate this Milskidasith, because you're right 75 percent of all chat is on this game. And it's good to see that you're paying attention not only to what badge is out there, but what's "hot" in Kongregate.

Focus said...

It's not hot, at least in the chats I am... people used to speak a lot about it but they don't anymore.

Milskidasith said...

It really depends on the chat. Some(games workshop) are multiplayer chatters, some (scribbles) are social people with some badge chatting, and some (Malfunction) chat about the badges a lot. It still is a very popular game.

Also, stormwinds was overpromoted for the flaws it had. I had a review that totalled it a 7.5, but I lost it.

r3p3nt said...

Milsk, could you please try using the enter key more often? It is difficult to read huge blocks of text with nothing separating paragraphs.

Milskidasith said...

R3p3nt, I did use the enter key.... I think you mean the TAB key. I copied this from my computer, it messed up the tabbing. I will edit it.

And yes, it was the enter key, see all that blank space on the line? It just doesn't have the correct tabbing that seperates paragraphs.

Anonymous said...

can you search for gangs?