Monday, October 22, 2007

A guide on Asteroids Revenge III

This guide will hopefully help you to get both hard badges on Asteroids Revenge III.

Rock Mobster badge: Get 7,000 kills.
General purpose tips for Rock Mobster:

  • Dodge as much as possible. Sure, getting hit by that last shot to save a second is nice, but those shots can add up.
  • Kill enemies yourself if possible. Extra health rules!
  • Power ups to get: Speed and armor. Seriously, that is it. Speed untill you feel like you can dodge most or all the shots in a barrage from all sides, and then armor. Also spin is somewhat useful for the last level, but more on that later.
  • Beating the boss: Just be safe. Send in allies, take out all the possible dangers, then go in and start ramming him untill he goes down.
  • The giant mine: I suggest blowing it up with you unless all your allies are big allies, because you will blow up into 3 rocks that are smaller. If all your allies are big, send in as few as possible and then enjoy your now larger force of smaller allies.
Enemy types and how to kill them:
  • Normal ships: Make sure they are not glowing blue(close to firing) then run in and ram them yourself or with allies. Preferably yourself for the health bonus.
  • Repulsors: Send in an ally and slaughter it. Simple.
  • Yellow avoider ships: Just send in allies so multiple of them fly towards it and watch as he gets destroyed. It also works to just send allies flying randomly, but it is more dangerous.
  • Red mines: Run into them yourself. Dangerous to allies.
  • Blue mines: Have your allies run into them. Makes your rock into a swiss rock.
  • Green mines: Destroy at your descretion, either with yourself if you have high health or with a weak ally.
  • The boss: Get rid of support ships and start ramming him.

Once you get to the last level, the fun starts. Start going really fast and launch all your allies so they move in many directions (to do this, just have your allies going outward and then launch), and watch as they kill tons of enemies. You play cleanup, dodging and weaving, killing non tripped red mines, keeping your health up, etc. If you want to stop early, I suggest starting to kill yourself at around 6000 to 6500 kills, because it takes a while to suicide. If you want to keep playing, just keep on keeping on.


Speed Demon badge: Kill the mothership in 7000 frames or less.
  • Power ups: Speed speed speed. Keep getting it untill you cannot move your mouse faster than the rock can move. Then get whatever, I like armor or growth(both of which keep me bigger so I can kill more).
  • Killing:Kill as fast as possible. If you can dodge without killing too much time, do it, but don't wait out a barrage just to kill the last few enemies.
  • Getting in and out of the circle: Memorize the positions of power ups and as soon as they start to appear go get the speed. Get in and out as fast as possible so you shave of a few hundred frames.
  • Beating the boss: Just start sending allies and ramming the hell out of him.
  • The giant green mine: Nothing special, just quickly send your ally to blow it up.Enemy strategies for speed:
  • Generic ship: Allys flying everywhere with an expansion of the circle combined with a launch.
  • Repulsors: See above but aim a little
  • Yellow dodgy ships: See above
  • Mines of all types: Just send in allys unless you can send in yourself fast enough so you can save some ally health.
Both badges are not that hard, it took me 1 try for speed demon (after playing 3 times to get rock mobster).


Malachi said...

Hey milski! I like the guide, but you might want to use the general format for badge guides... like this one:

But I don't really know what Frag wants *shrugs*

Adam Schroeder said...

Hey! Thanks for writing this guide!

Now I can finally get that speed badge! ;)

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