Thursday, October 25, 2007

Somewhat late guide for Gravitee

OK, that was to get your attention. Right now my picture uploading is glitching so I can't get the pictures up for visual representation. I will try posting them tommorrow(as of this blog). Anyway, read on!

Well, not that late compared to the amberial guide, but still sort of late!

Gravitee hard and impossible badge guide:The hard badge in order of difficulty

First up is the easy one. Get 5 hole in ones in a round. Just go to the first cup, use the line to guide it directly through the hole, and bam. 5 down, 15 to go.

Second one: Visit all planets. On the way to getting this you should have unlocked the visited planets overlay and the visited planets list. Use the list and the overlay, hit all the planets you missed going through and getting the other achievements, and take home the glory.
Third toughest: 3k shot. A visual representation would be better here.

This is the hole(first on quad planet cup) where you can get an easy 3k+ shot (most in the realm of 7k, I somehow got a 4k shot) A simple thing is to just flip back and forth until your red line and is red line are close and you can adjust it pixel by pixel until it works. I also found using a higher trajectory(around 45 degrees leaving the screen from your launch spot) gives you more leeway with going out of bounds. Thank you to Draco18s from Kong for the screenie.

The hardest one is to get all golds. It should be pretty easy to do with the marker on until the 5th to 9th round depending on how good you are. After that you will need to start putting in a lot of practice. I myself personally had to memorize where I shot each round on the last course and shot near exactly there to get the achievements, and I still wonder how I made that beautiful and freaky 4th shot on peg leg that went 2k and bounced barely in the goal. This is tough.

The impossible badge: Are you a god among this galaxy?

Tips are included better in my joking thread on kongregate:

Major tips:

Fundamentals are important. You used the reliable line to get a start for your shots, but even with it just 30 pixels long it would still show you your initial trajectory. You need to learn how to make sure a shot launches off the planet, not jumps on its surface, and how to land a ball on a planet without bouncing it onto a sun. Also, getting the hang of long on surface puts is very important.

My training exercises: Getting shots off right. Put in a planet randomly on the map. Put a very small planet a fair distance away. Situate it so the hole is directly facing you or within 70 degrees either way of where you shoot from. Keep shooting and
changing positions, adding planets, tweaking masses, until any random situation you can get on the planet in 2 strokes. For those who do not want to deal with frustration on later cups, work on making it one stroke.

Putting: A simple one really. Put a large planet with a goal on it. If possible, put the ball on the planet. If not, put it on another planet and chip it there. Then just work on getting the ball to smoothly arc over it to the hole for long puts, or to stay right on the planet for short ones. You should be able to 1 put even the largest planet with no other planets around, and if you toss other planets in the mix you should only take 2 putts on the most difficult planet.

Landing on an optimal planet: This one is really tough. Start off with 3 planets. One to launch from, one with the goal, and one with nothing. Start with the nothing planet small, and launch until you can smoothly land on the planet. Get into more complex patters, adjusting the ratio of the target to the bad planets so that they are bigger, and add planets and suns. Recreate insane versions of old levels and keep shooting until you can do it right, then make a new one. Once you can hop across 7 planets with suns as obstacles and make it in 3, you are ready to try for platinum.

To try for platinum, remember the basics. NEVER EVER let a fundamental problem, like instead of hitting the ball putting it across a big planet, get in your way. If it happens, practice more. Eventually you will be a golf deity.


P.S: You think I am kidding. I did this myself. Check my badges, I have it. It was not all fun and games, it took work. You have to work for everything you get, but this badge is an very honorable one to get and once you achieve it wear it with pride.


arnau007 said...

Good walkthrough, i had all the achievments, unless the 10 golds.. its though. ive got 9 so far.. i just saw this guide... cool.. keep making them! you should post a hole-in-one's walkthrough, for all lvs, or the difficult ones. if it's not possible, make a gold medal walthrough... it would help a lot.

"How to Kongregate" said...

Have a read on a way better walkthrough in "How to Kongregate: Gravitee"!

THalky said...

Here's a tip for platinums.

Once you unlock the hole in one mode, put plastic wrap on your screen and mark the x's. Then play through again with them turned off. Whammo! 60 points.

Anonymous said...

I had the exact same idea, dunno for sure if it will work, but it probably will