Thursday, October 25, 2007

Challenge number 32: Revival of the Fittest Challenge

Revival of the Fittest Challenge:

Revival of Thing-Thing is back in the spotlight this week on Kongregate! Fend off waves of n00bery and emerge victorious, claiming the Flash Powder card!
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Challenge: Score 50 kills in "Ultimate Survival"

My favorite flash shotter series gets a challenge! Ok so this challenge is a little more difficult then the others lately but its ok with some practice you'll get it no problem.

Enemies: Gunner (The thing-things carrying guns) Zombies,Beans,Robots.
Ok now its time to talk about who or what you will be killing. Your number 1 Biggest threat are the gunners they attack from long rang with powerful guns. So While your running around if you see one shot it. Zombies are slow but do allot of damage if they get close enough. Use the Clock power up then shot them with the biggest gun you got. Beans slow, weak, small, and jumpy, these guys can be annoying. Best to use a fast firing weapon and spray bullets at them, the smaller they are the harder they are to hit. Robots are the only flying enemy, watch your head when you jump because they explode if hit. Shot them while on the groungd, and they wont be to much trouble.
How to kill the enemies. The number tells you the order in which they should be killed.
1.Gunner- any gun will do.
2.Beans-Use a Machine gun or a Shotgun.
3.Zombies- Its best to wait for the clock power up then blast then with your strongest weapon.
4.Robots- Use your handguns because they aren't very useful on anybody else.


* JUMP! when theres allot of enemies surrounding you jump often so they have a harder time hitting you.
* Know your ammo. Keep an eye on your ammo so you dont end up against the wall with an empty clip.
*Use the big guns. Sure they have less ammo but you will kill more enemies, faster.


Sylicas said...

So, I'll do it then?

Kong "Grin" Gates said...

Check out a more detailed article regarding this achievement badge in "How to Kongregate - Thing-Thing Arena 2"!