Friday, October 26, 2007

Thing Thing Arena with a bit of Tips.

Since another member of COCAK made the card guide here is the badge guide.

*First of the easy badge now there isnt much to talk about it ut i will give you probably the only advice you will need for it:
-Change weponds all the time using the "E" or "Q" button.
-Beware from those little robots in the air they tend to appear from nowhere.

*For the second badge you not only need tips you need skills,a good keyboard and a good mouse:
-Juping is a good idea but when you jump be sure not to land into the big pile of zombies and weasels.
-Beware of zombies they are slow but pack quite a punch.On the other hand weasels are weak but the move really fast so watch out.
-If possible stay in corners since the enemies spawn only from parts of the room your currently not viewing.
-Be on the look out for Health power-ups(the ones with a red cross on them) they are the top priority pick-up.
-I suggest using a fast wepond instead of a strong one because of the weasels.
-When selecting your character make him white so it will be easier to see with all the enemies.
-When you get a stop time power up shoot the gunners first then the zombies.
-And finnaly dont act like a hero since 300 is ALOT and jumping into hordes of hitmen isnt going to help.


Milskidasith said...

These tips are awful. For one thing, the little robots spawn anywhere in the air, not randomly in front of you.
Beans (they are not called weasels, look, they are beans) are stronger than zombies according to te official guide. They hit about as often as zombies too.

Strong weapons are >>> fast weapons because fast weapons get you killed by large groups. The only fast weapon that is good is the FN scar and that is still strong (and the Auto 12, but that is godly).

When you get a stop time you shoot gunners, small weasels, big weasels, then zombies. Since weasels are jumpy you have to use the oppurtunity.

Acting like a hero is stupid, but with a gauss gun and a pack of enemies it might be a good idea.

Milskidasith said...

Nqkoi, that was not flaming. What I did was post legitimate tips instead of your tips which would get people killed. Also, I was writing a guide. And still should, but out of common courtesy I will let your horrible one stay. (You posted while I was sleeping BTW, you didn't get it in earlier than me because I just had the challenge happen when I went to bed.)

If you post a bad guide that is one thing, but when you post terribly inaccurate info that is quite another.

Also, you flame every article I write without any reason at all. At least in this, although it can hardly be called a flame, I actually mentioned why your article is terrible.

Still work on the grammar thing, it makes me sick seeing all the errors.

Anonymous said...

Solve your ugly internal problems inside the room. Kick out incompetent teenage editors that can't spell or have no brains. Keep the blog clean from your stupid quarrels.

Kong "Grin" Gates said...

Check out a more detailed article regarding this achievement badge in "How to Kongregate - Thing-Thing Arena 2"!