Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New game of the Month!



Created by: Konglogo ArmorGames

Game Description

Indestruc2Tank, the long awaited sequel to the surprise hit IndestructoTank with tonnes of new features! All new hand animated graphics, an Improved Physics engine, three distinct game modes including a story mode with levels, bosses and a fully voice acted cast of characters! Earn medals by achieving goals and use them to unlock secrets such as alternate tank graphics and much much more! Armor games is proud to present Indestruc2Tank!

Developed & Published by ‘Armor Games Inc’ Coding by Tony L.

Game Instructions:

Bounce around and rank up massive combos.

Expect to see Walkthroughs, Reviews, and more!


Focus said...

Can we make the reviews, walkthroughs and all that stuff? (I'm not saying "I'LL DO IT!", just asking)

FRAGM3NT said...


Focus said...

Ok, just didn't want to ruin your work (for example, you had half review done and in a night I make and post mine... would be a waste of time for you)

Nqkoi1 said...

OMG thank you very much!!!

Antony said...

I have a walkthrough for you -
Don't run out of Fuel :p

Thanks for game of the Month :)