Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Newton doesn`t stand a chance.

Badge name:Applesauce Sampler
Badge goal:Complete level 4.
Type:easy(5 points)

Newton`s laws in action in this addicting little game with great code.

A few tips for this really easy badge:
-Stay away from the edges of the arena.
-On level 3 kill the top left and the bottom right bots first.
-On level 4 go next to the gray wall and push the otehr bots away.

Badge name:Malus Domestica Connoisseur
Badge goal:Complete level 25.
Type:medium(15 points)

Tips for some of the levels:
-On level 7 charge your shot before you touch the green light you need to act fast on this one.
-On level 11 you have to hit the wall on the left to hi the lever.It might take a few tries.Then when you kill a total of three bots shoot at the lever again but while your on the other side of the mechanized door.
-On level 13 the trick it to go under the bullets from the beggining of the level so as soon as the level begins go to the other platform.
-On level 21 you have to pursue a combination of portal here is the code(I will be using the clock to tell you their position):
1.In the middle of 12 and 3 o`clock.
2.On 9 o`clock.
3.One portal below 9 o`clock.
4.One portal below 3 o`clock.
5.Finnaly the portal at 12 o`clock.
-Level 25 isn`t that hard, since your being bombed from all sides and its hard to fall.First take out the turrets in the four corners and after that start pushing the other ones.


VertFire said...

Hey want me to do some video walkthroughs?

Nqkoi1 said...

I was planning to make one but i figured it wouldn`t be necessary but if you want to make some then go ahead I will add them and credit you of course.

crazycruiser said...

Nq, first of all, Try to always include a picture of the badge you are writing about. It lets the viewers know immediately what they will be looking at.

Also, here are a couple of pictures that will help the viewers:

The second one shows that it will help to propel yourself through the bullets with your own bullet.

Dazzer said...

Level 21: Go to top right hand corner, and aim for the enemy cannon.

Christoph Wagner said...

wow, that was one of the easiest medium badges ever:)

sprint45_45 said...

there is no way that this game deserved a medium badge, way too easy even for a easy badge.

"How to Kongregate" said...

Yes, it's me again. Check out "How to Kongregate: N3wton" for whatever I have to say this time!