Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dino Run Impossible Badge

Chaos Theory Badge (impossible – 60 points)
Leave nothing unaccomplished in Dino Run

* Achieve all gold milestone medals – 50 monkeys on typewriters will eventually compose the works of Shakespeare, just as you will eventually complete this task!
* All speed runs completed on "insane"

This guide will cover all of the gold milestones, including the locations of all the Super Eggs. If you do not wish to see these spoilers, don't read the full post.

Gold Milestones:

Get All Super Eggs
See next section.

1000 Runners Eaten
This task will be completed throughout the game. As you are achieving other milestones, you'll
be eating runners--simple as that.

1000 Lizards Chomped
Once again, achieve other milestones before trying to get 1000 lizards. However, if you are left with a small amount of lizards by the time other milestones are completed, Rainin' Lizards is a great course to get some.

400 Worms Slurped

If you do not have enough slurped worms, Dino Mountain is a good speed run for worms.

50 Dinos Saved

A dino is saved every time you reach the survival area in a new place. Play all the speed runs to get this number up quickly.

300 Fish Gobbled
In the Ptero Storm speed run, the waterfall area from level four will usually appear. Inside the tunnels you will find a pond with some fish, followed by a lake with many more.
-Thanks Haydendem!

150 Birds Devoured
Both The Valley and on top of Ptero Storm's waterfall area contain many birds. Don't worry, it's always hunting season in Dino Run.

60 Second Doomsurf
This task would probably be best left to the first Speed Run, Out to Pasture, on medium. Try to doomsurf the whole level and you will get over 60 seconds of doomsurfing. In my opinion, it also helps to turn on the tracker to see how far into the course you are.

10 Second Boulder Ride
I've found that an easy The Valley Speed Run is a great way to rack up riding time. For half the level the course goes downhill, so if you get on top of a big boulder in the beginning you can keep riding it until it hits the bottom. By now you should already have your ten seconds, but I'd balance on the boulder for a while longer until the doom cloud comes, just to be safe.

4x Dactyl Chain
You can either try your luck on the Speed Run Ptero Storm or wait until you have unlocked
Planet D (by beating insane mode), which makes the dactyl chains easy thanks to the low gravity.

Rat Maze Character
On level 6 of challenge mode, when the asteroid hits the ground and makes a hole in the ground, go inside and to the left. There you should find a character from a previous Pixel Jam game called Rat Maze (at least, I think that's what it is!). And boom, you've got yourself an easy gold.

Super Eggs:

Note: Some of these eggs are in places that randomly appear in certain levels. I have placed asterisks (*) by all the eggs that I know are only in levels periodically. If go through a level
and do not find the locations where an egg should be, replay the level until you find it.
Click all images to enlarge

*Giga Egg (level 2)
Go down the first cliff with the black muck (no large platforms) and go to the left to find a cavern holding the Giga egg.

Spino Egg (level 2)
After the cliff holding the Giga egg, you should come across an even larger one with
platforms going across. Just drop down to the left to find the Spino egg.

*Rinch Egg (level 3)
This egg should be on a ledge in a large, semi-circular tunnel with a triceratops walking underneath. This is best done with max jump and a bit of luck jumping either from the right side or from the triceratops. If this proves to be impossible, you can do it later on Planet D where there is low gravity.

T-Rex Egg (level 3)
You will encounter a large hill with many tunnels through it. Instead of entering, go up and over the hill until you find a very small tunnel leading to the egg (see picture).

Iguano Egg (level 4)
When you encounter a waterfall in level four, instead of going into it, climb it. Run to the right until you find a tunnel going to the left. Follow the tunnel and fall down. You should see the egg to your left.

Oloro Egg (level 4)
After getting the Inguano egg, run right through the tunnels. You will run into a room with many platforms. Hop onto these platforms to get the Oloro egg.

Alien Egg (level 5)

Around halfway though level five, you should encounter an asteroid with a hole in
the right side. Enter this hole to acquire the Alien egg.

Magno Egg (level 6)

Run through the course until you get to the top o
f the first volcano you see. Jump into the top while trying to land in a crevice in the right side of the volcano's interior.

Diplo Egg (apocalypse)

When you come up to the huge volcano, instead of going across it (the path with rivers of lava), go on top and fall through the opening. The Diplodo egg should be to the left.

Bronto Egg (insane mode survival area)
Beat challenge mode on insane to find the Bronto egg inside the special survival area.


Haydendem said...

The second egg is spino, not stego.

The rinch egg doesn't need max jump either, I got it by running at top speed from the right then jumping off a triceratops.

Just so you know the levels for the super eggs aren't set in stone, I've seen the spino egg on level 4 as well as some speed runs.

And finally, the speedrun Ptero Storm usally has the waterfall area from level 4. If you climb the waterfall there are usually at least 2 birds at the top, sometimes more. Shortly after the waterfall there is a large pond with lost of fish.
The first secret survival on apocalypse also has a pond with quite a few fish.

Malachi said...

Ooh, wasn't thinking when I wrote stego, thanks.

"The rinch egg doesn't need max jump either, I got it by running at top speed from the right then jumping off a triceratops."

I had a very hard time getting this egg even with my max jump, and I heard many others voice their concern as well; I thought that if I didn't put in something about having max jump people would complain about it not working. However, I guess my wording wasn't quite right when I said it requires max jump, so I changed this.

"And finally, the speedrun Ptero Storm usally has the waterfall area from level 4."

THAT'S where it was! I knew one of the beginning speed runs had this place, but when I sprinted through all of them it didn't show up. This random course-making can get frustrating some times. Anyway, thank you again, I added this info and game you credit.

Anonymous said...

Hiccups125: The trophy values are in the how to play section, no need to estimate. ^^;

dude said...

Lol Mal, all the milestones are listed inside the game. Click How to play and then More info. Though you got it right besides the worms, it's 400, not 500. :)

I'm Pereking D:

Malachi said...

Oh wow, I'm smart x_x

You can see I never read instructions.

sepia_tones said...

A good place to get birds to eat is any level where the waterfall is (usually shows up on challenge level 4, and also a speed run though I don't know which one off the top of my head). You should go *over* the waterfall rather than through it. In the land on top of the waterfall there are a lot of birds in the trees. You can't see them beforehand, so the trick is to just through the center of all of the trees - sometimes you'll even net 2 or 3 in one tree (I think).


Balneger said...

A video for Dino Run: How to get all Super Eggs + The Last Milestone can be found here:


I give permission to put it on COCAK, if you guys want. I'm the author of the movie.

Alisha said...

I am having trouble with boulder riding. My recorded highest ride is 1.4 seconds, however I know I have done it longer than 10 seconds. I would really like to have the trophy! What should I do?

Also, does anyone have any tips for beating Twin Peaks on Insane?


Anonymous said...

get everything maxed up.

Alisha said...

Yeah I have 5s in all of my skills but I still can't seem to beat it! This is my last speedrun.
Btw I have finally gotten a 6 second boulder run (i have no idea how) and I have found that High Rollin is the best to do boulder riding on as opposed to the valley.

Malachi said...

I guess you have to get lucky with the Valley. Sometimes there will be a great boulder to ride on. I myself got a 30 second boulder ride on that course.

Also, Alisha, after getting your stats maxed out, if you get 500 DNA extra the shift key will activate the super jump and strength power-ups temporarily, along with the speed boost. This should help you get past Twin Peaks insane.

Alisha said...

Yeah I have over 700 DNA and I know how to do the shift power boost, but still I can't beat it! I guess I will just have to get lucky. The second peak is the hardest!

And also, to get the Bronto egg you can't use cheats, right?

Alisha said...

These are the cheats in the game:

Top Speed -

Mega Jump -

Super Strength -

Goodbye Doom -

Low Gravity -

Boulders = Balloons -

Lights Out -

Meteor Storm -

Malachi said...

No, you can't get anything with cheats. You can unlock Planet D by beating insane mode using cheats, however.

Anonymous said...

if you put the cheat on, but then take them off can you get the milestones then?

also im still haveing trouble with the eggs and i got 13sec bolder run woot!!!!!

Malachi said...

Yes, just click the cheat again to turn them off (the egg will no longer show by the name of the cheat), and you will be able to get eggs, milestones, etc.

Alisha said...

A note for getting dactyl chains-if you can estimate when the dactyl is going to let you go, the moment before that, press the up arrow and you will sail forward.

Kuu said...

I am curious - if you complete a speedrun on whatever difficulty (I guess this goes for challenge mode also) and you are at the Survival cave thing, it is always abundantly filled with runners, worms, fish, lizards, etc. etc. Does eating these count to the milestones?

Alisha said...

No, it doesn't count. But, if you complete a challenge on any level then it gives you about 30 seconds and says 'Eating Frenzy'. You try to eat as much stuff as you can during that time and that will count towards your score.

Kuu said...

Thank you so much :] That helps.

Thingol said...

I finally got this badge.

I recommend doing them in this order,get full DNA by playing challenge on insane, you should get quite a few critter well your at it.

Then do your speedruns.
Then do your doomsurf, dactyl chains, and boulder ride.

Then do your dinos saved.
at this point I got everything I need well doing dinos saved.
But do anything else after that.

Roman Lisovenko said...

Isn't the first milestone about normal eggs. How many do I need to get a gold on it

JtP said...

Also, it's much easier to achieve the Dino Saved Badge if you do speed runs in increasing difficulty: Do all speedruns on Medium, then Hard, then Insane. You get a Dino Saved for each one. If you do insane first, you lost two chances to get a dino saved.

asims929 said...

What is an 'Eating Frenzy'? I had the timer pop up for 30 seconds, but there was nothing to eat in the area. So, What is an 'Eating Frenzy'?

Anonymous said...

well i did the rinch egg w/ mega jump and low gravity w/ no trouble at all, so u mite wanna post that instead of just plain mega jump

Alisha said...

'Eating Frenzy' occurs once you complete a challenge on any level and it gives you about 30 seconds to eat as much stuff as you can. This will count to your score as long as you eat during the time limit. Usually on easy challenge though, once you get in the cave, there is nothing to eat so there is no point to the eating frenzy. But on other challenge difficulties there is a lot of stuff to eat.

dfddffdfd said...

can you complete insane challenge mode with cheats?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

at the cheats menu type don8tosaur to get 40+ hats and all colors. if you are playing on miniclip it wont say enabled but if you to the main menu it should show the color and hats under your dino

waverpro said...

grrr im at 59.7 second of doomsurf, at easy on lvl 1, im too lazy to try again >.<

Anonymous said...

i got bored and started using cheats cuz i was too lazy and impatient to w8 to get planet d. i got tons of birds and lizards but im wondering does it still count it on the record as eaten if ur using cheats becuz if it did i could get badges so easy lol

Anonymous said...

the hat and color cheat is don8tosaur and the special one is totinos i think. just found totinos out today but im not sure if i got it right. it works tho. my 2nd anonymous comment. #1 was yesterday lol

Anonymous said...

too bad we cant use the same acc on different sites. i play on miniclip and cant get chaos theory badge even tho i almost meet the standards. T_T

Anonymous said...

OMG! thx so much Anonymous with the hat cheat! I <3 u!

Anonymous said...

i cant find the tunnel to the t-rex egg on level 3. where exactly is it?

Anonymous said...

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