Monday, June 23, 2008

SHIFT 2 Badges

Created by: Armorgames
SHIFT 2 hits Kongregate with all the fun of the original SHIFT with lots of added goodies such as medals to earn and great new game dynamics.Also added is the Kongregate API, so here’s hoping for some fun badges to come soon from the Kongregate staff!

Snakes on a Trophy Badge (medium – 15 points)
Reach the final room in SHIFT 2

Title Trasher Badge (medium - 15 points)
Defeat the evil title screen in SHIFT 2

Still Alive Badge (medium – 15 points)
Escape the research facility with trophy in hand and limbs intact in SHIFT 2

Basically, to get these badges you have to win the game twice, and then defeat the title screen (it's sillier than harder).

So for both badges that require beating the game, here we go:

If you simply want to get the trophy (and already know how to beat all levels), play the video from 9:00 on. Subscribe to my YouTube account for more Kongregate video walkthroughs - not all my videos are on Cocak!

Now, for the Title Screen badge, you must click the angry face that appears at the top right when you roll-over your mouse there.

Then you just follow the instructions, it can be a bit frustrating at times, but it's not hard.

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lightsun said...

Really great video, it is very well done and useful (I used it haha).

Anonymous said...

When I played this game in FF 2 I had to use the tab key to get through the start screen. For some reason it wouldn't take my mouse inputs and was just driving me up the wall.