Saturday, August 18, 2007

Badge: Knee Deep In The Undead

Knee Deep In The Undead Badge
Game: Endless Zombie Rampage
Difficulty: Medium (15 Points)

Objective - Load up survival mode, purchase some weaponry and re-kill 200 zombies in The Endless Zombie Rampage

Brief Overview: Variations. Upgrades. PEW-PEW!

In-Depth Overview: Well, there's a heck lot of variations that you can use, but the most important thing is that you must run if your stupid reload time is that slow. Upgrades help too, especially the faster reload time upgrade. I used a Vulcan (9000 Exp) and a "Run Fast" Upgrade (500 Exp) and I got 256 kills :P. I'm sure there's a heck lot of them.Don't worry!


Dazzer said...
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Dazzer said...


I prefer using the Pancor Jackhammer. Easily rack up to nearly 400 kills.

DeadlyMan said...

I used GAU-8 minigun, and got 200 kills even before i needed to reload.

ohshitgreatness said...

I went with Jackhammer + Faster Reload. Really easy.